Reviewed 2014

Just Too Easy by Gail McFarland (Review)

During the Fall by Cheryl Murnane (Review)

Resting Place, A Graveside Diary by Pamela Little, Nonfiction / Personal Memoir, Review

The Perfect Holiday by Michael Banebrook (Review)

Montreal: Street Photography by Debra Schoenberger (Review, giveaway tour)

Behind the Glass by Kristen Morgen (Book Review)

Here in My Heart by Anna DeStefano (Book Review)

What a Lady Craves by Ashlyn Macnamara (Tour, Review, Excerpt, Giveaway)

One Dirty Bowl: Fast Baking, Faster Cleanup by Christina Dymock (Book Review)

Tallyho in the Squat, a raucous Southern comedy about life, love, and rabbit smuggling by Asa Ingram (Review)

A Kiss of Lies: The Disgraced Lords Series, A Loveswept Historical Romance by Bronwen Evans (Review)

Rescue at Cardwell Ranch by B.J. Daniels (Review)

The Never Never Sisters by L. Alison Heller (Review)

Perfect Kind of Trouble Blog Tour with Chelsea Fine (Review, Giveaway)

The Publicist – The New Fifty Shades? (Review) by Christina George

Here for the Cake by Emily Poule (Review)

Grandfather’s Uncle by Philip McQuillan (Review)

S.E.C.R.E.T., S.E.C.R.E.T. Shared, S.E.C.R.E.T. Revealed by L. Marie Adeline (Review, Giveaway)

Dead Ringer by Allen Wyler (Review)

The Last Time I saw You by Eleanor Moran (Review)

The Color of the Wild: An intimate look at life in an untamed land by Gin Getz (Review)

The Wishing Thread by Lisa Van Allen (Review)

The Marriage Pact by Linda Lael Miller (Review and Giveaway)

Against the Wild by Kat Martin (Review)

Memories of Me: A Complete Guide to Telling and Sharing the Stories of Your Life by Laura Hedgecock (Review)

The Montana Gallagher Series – Historical Western Romance at its best with MK McClintock (Reviews)

Alaina Claiborne (Book 1) and Blackwood Crossing (Book 2) , A British Agent Novel by MK McClintock (Review)

Instructions for Love by June Shaw (Review)

Pressed Pennies by Steven Manchester (Review)

A Boy back from Heaven by Celeste and Matthew Goodwin

The Edge of Whiteness by Joe Montaperto (Review)

100 Perks of Having Cancer by Florence Strang and Susan Gonzales (Review)

Untamed Heart by Catherine Sharp (Review, Fiction)

Review – Confessions of a Paris Party Girl by Vicki Lesage

Evil Shadows by Rick Hallock (Review, Non-Fiction)

Kissing: A Field Guide by Bestselling author and columnist Violet Blue (Review, Excerpts, Giveaway)

Blossom Street Brides by Debbie Macomber (Review, Excerpt)

Lost and Found by Karey White (Review, Giveaway)

The Art and Ethics of being A Good Colleague by Dr. Michael J. Kuhar (Review)

Righting a Wrong by Rachael Anderson (Tour, Review, Giveaway)

The Idea of Him by Holly Peterson (Review, Giveaway)

Waiting on You by Kristan Higgins (Review, Giveaway)

Silver Linings by Kaylee Baldwin (Tour, Review, Giveaway)

What the Bride Didn’t Know by Kelly Hunter (Review)

Sleigh Bells in the Snow by Sarah Morgan

Chasing Norie by Sophie Dawson (Review)

Stealing the Groom by Sonya Weiss (Giveaway)

Home Matters by Julie N. Ford (Tour)

Double Take by Leslie Kelly (Review)

Looking for LaLa by Ellie Campbell (Review, Excerpt)

The Message in Dad’s Bottle by Sandy Appleyard (Review)

Claiming Ana by Brynna Curry (Review, Excerpt)

KALEIDOSCOPE by Kristen Ashley (review)

The Chance by Robyn Carr (Thunder Point Series) Review

A Boy back from Heaven by Celeste and Matthew Goodwin (Review, Giveaway)

SECOND CHANCES 101 (Ripple Effect Romance, #5) by Donna K. Weaver

Best Kind of Broken by Chelsea Fine (Review)

The Weldon Family Christmas by Jennifer Saints (Review)

What Nora Knew by Linda Yellin (Review)

Leah’s Peace by Sophie Dawson (Review)