Here for the Cake by Emily Poule (Review)

Here for the Cakea novel about three friends who team up to sabotage the wedding of their childhood frenemy. 

“Something should happen: a thunderbolt should erupt, a car should crash, a bell should ring. There should be a soundtrack—some horrible, frightening sound to accompany the news of your ex-boyfriend marrying one of your best friends from high school. Especially when you’re still in love with him.”

No, of course she wasn’t going. Are you insane? For 29-year-old academic Mina Joseph, going to Luke‘s destination wedding to the venomous Ella Hutchinson would be the ultimate act of lunacy. It would be much safer to stay in her shitty studio in Boston so she could stalk the Facebook pages of the bride, groom, and every other guest in attendance before falling asleep in a box of tears and Wheat Thins.

But Luke’s best man, the insufferably charming Benjamin Fogarty, has different plans for Mina. Not only is Ben desperate to break up the mismatched couple before they say their “I do’s,” he is convinced that Luke is still in love with Mina (though he can’t figure out why). So, Ben offers Mina $2400 and a plane ticket to come out of hiding and seduce the groom

Armed with a new wardrobe, devious friends, and copious amounts of tequila, Mina has five days to rekindle her love with Luke, expose Ella for the certifiable psychopath that she is, and at all costs, avoid having sex with the best man, regardless of how hot it could be.

Emily Poule was born in the most unremarkable city in Iowa with a peculiar propensity towards practicality. She saved every bit of her allowance, stayed in to study on the weekends, collected figurines of small animals, sketched pictures of potted plants, and read period romance novels of the Julia Quinn variety. Then, in her very first semester as a PHD student, she did the least rational thing she could think of — she dropped out to write chick lit. After some stints as a barista, tutor, and professional dog walker, she finally got her footing as a free-lance writer and hasn’t looked back since. These days, she splits her time between Dublin and Chicago in search of functional Wi-Fi, attractive men, and coffee strong enough to caffeinate an Indian Elephant. She still collects figurines.

My Review:

HERE FOR THE CAKE is a book that has every emotion in it and on almost every page! It was well-written and entertaining. I can’t remember when I’ve been so entertained with one book. The book begins with a simple plot and then takes off in a romantic comedy that leaves the reader laughing and crying and cheering the characters on with every page. HERE FOR THE CAKE boasts an unpredictable plot and I loved that!

You have three friends who have made it their life’s ambition – at least for a weekend –  to save a friend from making the biggest mistake of his life. What happens is a week in a tropical paradise spent running from love, to love, and around love! I absolutely loved Salma and Josie and who wouldn’t love to have them as best friends.

The characters are funny and outspoken – which I adored. One of the funniest adventures of the week was a scavenger hunt to find the bride, an adventure that brings out the worst and the best in all of the characters as well as a whole lot of truth. This is a great beach read or a Sunday afternoon on the swing read. I would love to see this book made into a movie.

Readers are guaranteed to laugh and cry in a matter of moments. i am giving HERE FOR THE CAKE five plus stars.

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