During the Fall by Cheryl Murnane (Review)

Jenny and Alex are high school sweethearts intertwined in an idyllic romance that spans several decades. Their journey carries them through unexpected trials that challenge the security and the very foundation of their relationship. Jenny’s fears of losing the only man she’s ever loved quickly become overshadowed by a tragedy she couldn’t have imagined.

This is an emotional tale about how life can force you to grow when you least expect it. This provocative story will fill your heart with the belief that you can survive the most unforeseen and intense moments when you learn to trust.



Cheryl Murnane

CHERYL MURNANE lives in a suburb of Boston with her husband, two children, and dog, Mitzi. “During the Fall” is Cheryl’s first novel. As a practitioner of yoga, she lives a disciplined life, balanced by faith and family, and she believes that everything happens for reasons we may not always understand. Cheryl loves to hear from fans at www.facebook.com/cherylmurnaneauthor or at her website www.cherylmurnane.com


My Thoughts:

During the Fall is an inspirational book and a nice read. At the core of the book was the simple, yet profound message that we are not in charge; God is. It is a heart-warming story of a young Christian family that must go through a tragedy to find their faith.

While I found there were parts of the book that could have been edited down to make the story more concise, it was a great book.  The story showed a deep and profound love between the characters and their families. In today’s fast-paced world, we tend to get bogged down in the day-to-day mundane happenings and we forget to look at those we love as people. We tend to forget to open the door, pull out a chair, or even give our spouse a kiss hello. These are the important things in life and that is what the book was about. It gives the reader pause to check their own actions and to contemplate the important things in life.

I also loved the cover of the book. In addition to being a beautiful cover, it was a great cover for the story.

Even though I lost your Aunt Sally too soon, we knew we loved each other. I don’t think differently about it. She left this world with as much love as she could take with her.

I smiled, ‘You’re right Mom. I guess I need to make sure I give Alex as much love and attention as I can and appreciate the time we have together, because in the end, love is all there really is.’ I smiled, realizing those were the words my mother had said to me my whole life.

…I took a personal oath during my drive home on that sunny spring day to spread joy in my husband’s life, hoping it would fill both of us with an endless amount of love, so that in the end neither of us would ever forget the depth of our love for each other.

I am giving During the Fall four stars.


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