New email phishing chip & PIN scam: don’t bite.

New email phishing chip & PIN scam: don’t bite.

Remember the credit cards you recently had to get replaced for chip-and-PIN-enabled ones? While the new cards you got in the mail are still safer than the old ones you (hopefully) shredded, some thieves have caught up. Here’s how to keep your information safe.

Email phishing…

Email phishing has been part of the identity theft and fraud playbook for some time. You’ll get an official-looking email from an official-sounding sender (think IRS, credit card company, bank) asking to verify some aspect of your account for some important reason.

…meet Chip-and-PIN.

Replacing all those credit cards was a big deal requiring millions of mailings and customer-service phone calls. Enter email phishing scammers pretending to be from your credit card company or bank.

Why this wave of scams may be worse.

Simply put, the thieves are getting better at design. Today’s phishing emails often come with very realistic-looking company logos, more-closely-matching colors/branding and well-laid-out content.

Don’ts and dos.

The main advice for phishing emails remains the same: don’t click on links asking for your personal information. Ever. Assume banks and credit card companies won’t ask you to part with personal information through an email. If you get an email from a financial institution, pick up the phone and call the number on the back of your card.
If you do happen to click on a link (everybody’s human!) or just want some extra peace of mind, TransUnion® can help. With our Credit Lock, you can lock thieves out of your TransUnion credit report with a single touch. When your report’s locked, nobody else can use it to apply for credit in your name.


Good advice from Transunion.

3 precautions to take in the app store

I’m sort of known as the app queen. I love looking for apps that promise to keep you organized (even though it’s difficult to help an already organized person.) It’s an obsession, and one that can get you into more trouble than you bargained for – if you don’t protect yourself. There are loads of viruses and other maladies out there, so, before you download, put these practical protection practices in place from Transunion.

Apps are everywhere. And so are app stores. Whether it’s Google Play or iTunes, Amazon or Samsung, there are so many choices and so much to try. Though app stores make efforts to weed out the bad apps — ones phishing for personal information, installing viruses/malware, or otherwise engaging in criminal behavior — risks may remain. So before you download new apps, consider these 3 precautions.

Stick with familiar brands.

Exploring new apps isn’t just a great way to, well, find new apps. It’s also a great way to discover new companies, services, entertainment sources, media, games and the like. But if you haven’t heard of the company listed as the maker of an app, pay extra careful attention.

Read the descriptions.

Another thing you can do, whether or not an app’s brand is familiar to you, is to carefully read the app description. If it’s written in broken English or has spelling errors and typos, that’s a major red flag.

When in doubt, start at the site.

If you’re not sure whether an app is the real one produced by a brand you’re already familiar with, consider going to that brand’s website first. Often, brands will include buttons for direct links to app store sites leading right to their app’s page. What to do if you’re still in doubt about an app? As with websites, emails and a whole host areas, it’s safest not to chance it and simply go without.

Enjoy a safe holiday!

Technology Thursday – Wunderlist

Wunderlist iPad
Wunderlist iPad (Photo credit: Gustavo da Cunha Pimenta)

It’s Thursday again and that means revealing another one of my favorite apps!

Wunderlist is one of my all time favorite apps for list making – next to Evernote that is, and the one that I am featuring today! (You can find more apps under The Write Plan tab.)

Like Evernote, it syncs across my devices so if I am on the computer and need to jot down a note or add to my grocery list, it’s just a click away.

Wunderlist iPad
Wunderlist iPad (Photo credit: Gustavo da Cunha Pimenta)

I downloaded and tried many different list apps before deciding on Wunderlist. I have been referred to as the app Queen by a couple of my friends – and I think I’ve earned every bit of the name calling in this case! Haven’t decided if that’s good or bad yet.

While I had to upgrade to Evernote Pro – that’s how much I love it – I have not upgraded to the paid version of Wunderlist. With the free version I can upload three docs or photos a day and I find that is enough for me.

2012 09 11 10.52.23 e1347375350407   Wunderlist   The Best To Do List Application On The iPhone [iOS]

I am a list maker. I’m a pro at making lists. Did I mention how much I love lists? Wunderlist is great for making lists. I have a list for me, a list for Hubby, a grocery list, a to do list, and an errand list. I love that the lists are checklists. We list makers LOVE checking things off. We do not want to delete our tasks until we can visually see that all the tasks have been accomplished. Wunderlist gives me the freedom to do this. It allows me to flag important items on my lists and with a swipe, delete items. I enjoy being able to add sub-lists (in the form of check-lists) to my lists and with a simple movement/drag re-order them.

Wunderlist App
Wunderlist has an extremely high number of 5-star ratings. The app allows you to organize your life and your business all in one place. You can add important details – pictures, documents, notes, reminders, due dates and subtasks to your lists. You can share your list with any of your contacts and access your information from anywhere – iPhone, Android, PC, iPad, etc.  Wunderlist Pro is $4.99 a month and allows even more sharing as well as making comments. When you think of the cost of paper and the number of list you hand write and toss out, I would say that is quite a bargain.

2012 09 11 10.52.42 e1347375421915   Wunderlist   The Best To Do List Application On The iPhone [iOS]

It is important to remember that your phone isn’t just a phone, it’s a computer and should be utilized as such. Our phones are such amazing little creatures and can help us stay organized. Do you use Wunderlist? What is your take on it?

Wunderlist iPad