About Me

My name is Donna McBroom-Theriot. I am married to a wonderful man who is also my best friend. Between us, we have four children; Ashley, Katie-Beth, Joshua and Jeremy, two son-in-laws, and a daughter-in-law. We live in South Louisiana -with the exception of Katie who currently resides in New York City. We also have three grandchildren.

I am fortunate to live along one of the lazy bayous that run through South Louisiana. For the most part, life is quiet, but then again, you never know. When I’m out running around, all sorts of things are apt to happen and then new stories appear on my blog. I try to have fun with my posts.

I usually have no shortage of topics since my life seems to resemble one huge “Lucy” moment after another.

A little about me. I love to organize. In fact, I am a chronic organizer. I am an obsessed organizer. When my husband leaves for the hunting camp, my mind has a mind of its own. The minute he gets to the highway, I am already into deep clean-out, re-organize mode. I haven’t quite been able to put my finger on why I react this way. I would love to just sit down with a good book, which is what I do after I’ve organized something. But, it would be nice to sit down first!

I also love to bake. I took cake decorating classes a few years ago as sort of a self-imposed therapy. It was great fun and just writing that last sentence stirred up some pretty hilarious memories of that phase of my life -and some since.- I’ll have to blog on it -through the laughter and tears!- I bake a lot of cupcakes. I seem to prefer those little bits of heaven that you keep all to yourself rather than a huge cake. I also enjoy baking and decorating sugar cookies. I think the best part of cookie baking is the look of pure ecstasy on someone’s face when they get their first glimpse of the finished product.

I am an avid book reader and just purchased a Kindle. This is a great product for me since I have never left home without a book, magazine, and folder of “to be read” articles in my bag. My bag is so much lighter now, and I love having Scrabble at my fingertips 24/7.

These are a few things about me. I will no doubt be tweaking this page quite often as I find new interests.

I hope that you visit often and enjoy the stories that you read. I love hearing from my followers so please leave a comment, your own blog page – to promote yourself and so I can visit you, – and a little information about yourself. Thanks for visiting and come again!

Feb. 22, 2011 – We have added two new members to our family; Ryka Vom Nobleheim -a nine-year-old West German Shepherd and  Calypso -sometimes referred to as Monkey-, a six-year-old West German Shepherd. There will plenty of stories and pictures as our canine adventures begin.

October 2011 – After Calypso slipped out of the gate and crossed a busy highway before being captured by Hubby, I signed us up for obedience classes at Pet Smart. It has been an adventure I will not soon forget -and others too I’m sure.- We are making progress, a little at a time.

November 2011 – We successfully completed our training and we do listen a tad better – but, in the words of the breeder – when dogs have a large yard, the yard becomes boss. So, we don’t venture out and the extent of their “bye-bye” is a ride in the wagon or I sometimes pick them up as I come through gate and they get to ride down the driveway.

January 2012 – Calypso had her one year birthday. She is a dog that loves life – loves chasing her tail, the dragonflies, Ryka, 4-wheelers… Ryka is ever the lady. She tolerates a lot from Calypso and every now and then puts her in her place. They are both lovable dogs and love to give and receive affection. Life is happy on the farm.

October 2013 – I haven’t updated in a long while. Ryka and Calypso are as lively as ever. Calypso is now almost 3 years old and Ryka is 6. I have posted the first chapter of my memoir. If you are interested, just hover over My Story in the headers and a menu will appear.