The Perfect Holiday by Michael Banebrook (Review)

The Problem…
At forty-eight, attorney Kori Sarcotti is taking a beating. Her husband is under investigation, the FBI is serving her warrants, and her firm is sending her on road trips just to get her out of the office. But when her grandmother, and woman who raised her, passes away, things go from bad to intolerable.

The Solution…
Not long after her grandmother’s funeral, Kori finds herself stranded in the small town of Mule Creek, where she meets unsophisticated rancher AJ Crawford. When AJ asks her a question that both shocks and delights her, she admits that her predicament had become ‘The Perfect Holiday’.

Michael Banebrook

Michael Banebrook was born in Tucson, AZ and spent most of my his in Utah. He loves to travel, and not only travel, but live over seas. According to Michael, “That’s how one really learns about the country and the people. I’ve lived in France, Guatemala, and Japan, each time for two years. I love to study foreign languages and Chinese is next on my list. Ni Hao ma? I’m married and have for kids. I love to hike, (not extreme, more like strolls through the woods) I like to cook and watch movies. I started writing a few years ago and I love it. I take my laptop with me everywhere and if I have even five minutes, I pull it out. It takes me a long time to read a book for two reasons, first, reading puts me to sleep. If you have that problem, then you know how frustrating it is. Second, I read analytically. I underline and take notes. I never read just for fun. I’m always learning. I love to hear from my readers, so touch base with me on twitter or on my blog.”

My Thoughts:

I’m going to begin with the cover in telling you my thoughts on this book. The cover was beautiful. It had an air of mystery about it which you feel as you read the book blurb. The cover and the blurb would definitely have drawn my attention in a bookstore and would have had me skimming the first few pages and then tossing it into my buggy.

I enjoyed the history of the characters as it intertwined throughout the book. I was surprised at how poignant this information would become towards the end of the book.

I also enjoyed the how the two protagonists appeared to be at opposite ends of the spectrum. On one hand, you have Kori, a sophisticated woman lawyer holding her own in a man’s world, and on the other side, you have AJ, a laid-back country cowboy with a slow drawl. As the reader, you sense that something is going to happen because of the tension sparking between them.

AJ has been widowed for a few years and dipping his toes in the dating scene via the internet. He’s just not finding “the” woman out there. Kori, is taking a back road vacation on the advice of her boss, who is really just interested in keeping her out of the office. Her car breaks down and we could say the rest is history, but it’s the history that keeps you riveted to the book and turning the pages.

The writing was good. The author did a great job of switching back and forth between the voices. There was great humor and teasing among the protagonists and their friends that lent an everyday conversation feel to the story.

I am giving The Perfect Holiday by Michael Banebrook five stars. It was an easy-going read that I really enjoyed and I think you will too.

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