How's your pillow treating you? Seriously!

If you are me, this is a serious question. I’m not someone who falls asleep the moment their head hits the pillow, or in my Hubby’s case as it is on the way to the pillow. I really expect him to hit the back of the bed one of these days. He honestly falls asleep before his head hits the pillow – must be nice.

I am always in search of a better pillow because I’m convinced that the perfect pillow will send me into dreamland that much sooner. I am also rough on a pillow. I punch. I squish. I beat it. And, after all of that, I plump it up and expect it to become a cloud on which to lay my weary head.

I was contacted recently to receive and review the Sweet Slumber pillow by Reverie. I actually ignored the email the first time around and agreed when I got the second email. No reason, just wasn’t sure how legitimate the email was. Now, I’m glad I did agree.

I received the pillow and couldn’t believe how heavy it was. As I began to read the enclosed literature, I realized where the weight came from. The Reverie’s Sweet Slumber pillow is composed of shredded natural rubber to simulate down. I received the standard/queen size but it is also available in a king size. It is 100% cotton quilted, and the cover is removable and machine washable. The pillow is also hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and dust mite resistant.

The Reverie company was founded in 2003 and is a leading manufacturer of adjustable foundations, mattresses and pillows. Going to the website and requesting a catalog would answer any curiosities you may have. It is a really interesting system.

Getting back to the pillow, my initial thoughts after doing my squish, squeeze, pound test was that it really did resemble a down pillow – which is what I use. I put a pillow case on it and tossed it on the bed to try out. The first two or three nights I really loved the pillow. It was like sleeping on a down pillow. I could do all my pounding and fluffing and then sink down in a cloud of soft pillow to sleep. And, I slept good on those first few nights.

Around the fourth night of sleeping on the pillow, I began to notice a slight rubber smell. I continued sleeping on the pillow for an additional three nights before I went back to my regular pillow. Although originally, I slept wonderfully, the smell began disturbing my sleep. Aside from the smell, the pillow is fantastic. It is soft and I was able to snuggle into it for sleeping. I truly am disappointed that I could not continue sleeping on the pillow as those first few nights were really restful.

The bed system looks interesting, but I would be leery of trying it because of my experience with the pillow. If the company can find a solution to the rubber smell, I would not mind purchasing at least the pillows, and perhaps in the future, the bed.

The web site and additional information can be found at:

I am unsure of what I might rate the pillow due to the smell. As I said, it is truly a comfortable pillow and has many things going for it. I plan on contacting the company to see if they perhaps have a solution. If they respond, I will definitely add their response to this post.

***I did receive a prompt reply from the company on my questions referencing the smell.

“Some people do notice the smell of the natural rubber in the pillow, but they typically notice it on the first night, if at all.  It does dissipate over time, and know that it’s not a synthetic smell such as memory foam.”

I received the Sweet Slumber pillow free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

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Time Management Follow-up

Is that a catchy title that makes you want to read this post? No. I guess not. But, in my defense, my brain is a little fried from doing the number thing all day. My business computer crashed a couple of weeks ago and spent some time visiting the Geek Squad. While it was having a vacation, I was having to pay bills and conjure up make-shift invoices.

Now, the computer is back, safe and sound, and with its data fully restored which means I’ve been hard at work inputting numbers and more numbers, and did I say NUMBERS?!! I am a confessed numberfobic (I think I just invented that word.) I do not even count change, I break a dollar – yes, I am one of those. Please do not ask me to do math without a calculator and someone to help. Seriously!

Did I mention I had my computer back with all its data? I think I did. That’s all it had. I’m not complaining, well, maybe a little. It has been an adventure to say the least to get my computer up and running – even with all its data. I had data, but no Quickbooks to pull the data into any order. I had data, but no Microsoft Word, in which to read the data. I was on a mad hunt for several days trying to locate a Microsoft Office 2007, which is the only thing that would work on my computer. Someone finally located one for me on eBay and it is now ensconced on my computer and I’ve been updating lease agreements and excel spreadsheets for the past two long days.

Considering the amount of time that I spent googling trying to find something compatible (I can beat a dead horse like nobody’s mama), please do me a favor and do not tell me of an easier way that I could have installed or located Microsoft Office. I truly do NOT want to know. It would NOT make my day.

I digress. Getting back to the topic at hand – time management – it sort of worked today, or would have worked today – had it not been for Hubby needing to stop at the bank on his way to the job site, and him not deciding that until this morning. So, instead of getting up at my set time and doing my morning routine before sitting down at the computer, I was immediately thrust into a work environment and have been there ever since.

Since I spent most of the day doing business work and not writing, I am taking a break and writing. It is so nice to be finished with numbers for a couple of days – it’s Southern Louisiana and if you haven’t heard, we are in the midst of a winter storm. This is unusual for this part of the country, so the area is virtually shut-down – at least says the sheriff and parish president.

There is a curfew and I think the only reason people are adhering to the curfew is because it is actually frigid outside. People are out in hurricanes around here so you can safely say it must be the cold keeping them in. Even my two German Shepherds are nesting down in the garage. They wouldn’t even go out to potty!

Texting and Facebook and Tweeting haven’t taken a break though! I’ve had friends and family texting videos and pictures of snow to me all day long. lt’s a virtual winter wonderland elsewhere while here it is a sleet frozen mess. That’s how I  know I’m finished with numbers (did I mention how much I hate numbers?) for a couple of days. No one is going anywhere unless it’s an emergency.

UPS dropped a pillow off yesterday. Keep up now. I change subjects fast – whether writing or talking (ask anyone who knows me. It doesn’t mean I’m not waiting for your answer, because I am, but while I wait I have a hundred other things I need to say.) I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what I had ordered that could come in such a big box. Turns out it was a pillow, a heavy pillow. I had forgotten that a company had contacted me to review their pillow. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to review products on my blog, but after they contacted me for the fourth time, I figured why not. It’s a free pillow and the emails will stop. I have to admit, I will be reviewing this pillow. I had the best night’s sleep last night – ever.  (So companies? Keep those request coming in.)

The Emily + Meritt Icon Needlepoint Pillow
The Emily + Meritt Icon Needlepoint Pillow (Photo credits: PB Teen)

I normally sleep on a feather pillow. I love to punch and push and fluff my pillow and then sink into it to sleep. I am hard on pillows. This is a pillow that is made of rubber pieces and made to feel like a feather pillow – only much MUCH heavier. I smashed and punched and fluffed and then sank into it for a great night’s sleep. I like this pillow. So…I’ll be promoting this pillow quite soon!

My electric blanket quit working this fall, or more accurately, my control (dual controls) stopped working. I have always been very careful with the controls, making sure they didn’t knock against the bed posts (four poster bed), etc. Then, one day it happened. The control literally barely knocked the bed post. Evidently, it was looking for a reason to take a nice long rest because it quit working.

The blanket is old enough now that replacement controls are non-existent – so says the abrupt woman who answered the phone at the company I called. She then informed me I could purchase the same product directly from them for a cheaper price that I could purchase the same blanket (which they sold) from Lands’ End. She was a little pushy and asked me why would I want to purchase from LE when she would give me the website and a 20% coupon off of a new blanket. Because of her attitude, I was really leaning toward hanging up the phone not ordering the product, but I took down the information and headed over to the website to check out the products.

I’m kind of glad I did. Instead of purchasing another blanket, I purchased an electric heated mattress pad. Oh My Goodness! This is so much better than a blanket. Because the heat is between you and the mattress, once you turn it off, you stay warm ALL night. Seriously! The blanket always cooled off quickly and I am thinking it is because it is exposed to the cool air. I look forward to going to bed at night when it’s cold. The heated pad also acts like a heating pad and that feels great on my back.

That’s about it for me today. Tomorrow, I am back on the wagon as far as the Time management Schedule. I really enjoyed my schedule on Monday. I had my day mapped out and it wasn’t stressful. I was able to accomplish everything I wanted to, even with the chaos caused by the business I had to take care of.

Hubby has just finished peeling and chopping apples. I think I’m being summoned to the kitchen to cook something good, so that’s it for tonight.

How’s the weather in your neck of the woods? I just love when readers leave a comment, so feel free to say hello!

In the event you are interested in purchasing an electric blanket or mattress pad, this is the information I used. I am not affiliated with the company, nor do I receive a commission. I just like the product – so far.

Pillows, Pads, and More

8501 Tower Point Drive
Charlotte, North Carolina 28227
United States
Web site:

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