And this is how it happened…

And, here goes a typical day in my life. I was cleaning up the kitchen island and decided to finally relocate the bag of epsom salt to the bathroom (it had taken up residence there.) I went into the bathroom and realized that I needed a stool to climb on (the physical therapist would have a stroke. That is why I am in PT. I fell off a step stool.) I went to the garage and got the step stool. While I was rearranging a shelf in the linen closet to make room for the epsom salt I spotted a container and had a grand revelation – it was the perfect container for the problem area in my office for which I have been struggling to find a solution. 

So, I abandoned the linen closet and went to my office. I had an identical storage container in my office closet and commenced with organizing some things in my carts. By combining some like items I freed up a gazillion other smaller containers and I am confident that this system is perfect – until I have another epiphany and decide to organize again. That’s how my mind works. It automatically updates organizing systems I come up with much like the GPS updates.  Hubby calls it my “recompute” system. 

The linen closet has also been updated; all within the space of 45 minutes. I’m happy. Are you? The appropriate answer would be yes. Lol

An Organized Screen Saver!

Like everyone else in the universe, I follow lots of blogs; some more than others. I was going through my emails and came across one from In My Own Style blog.

I am known as the “organized one” and I’ve quit even trying to deny it! But, the one place I have been wanting to organize and haven’t succeeded is the desktop on my computer. I can happily report that even my desktop is organized now thanks to a free download. And, did I mention that every time I turn my computer on, I am greeted with a beautiful image that I can’t see myself tiring of anytime soon.

Just looking at my screen makes me happy. I chose the file with colored boards (they are all available in the post link) because it is easier to see my folders. I also took her suggestion and opened up my post-its and have those displayed in the proper box. Joy, joy, joy is all I feel. That is what organizing does for me.

If you have been looking for a solution for your messy screen, by all means, check out the post and download this beautiful screen saver and get organizing! THEN! Come back and let me know how you like it. Leave Diane a comment telling her you found her blog here.


Computer Desktop Background Screen Organizer

Life on the Bayou

Sometimes when you live on the bayou and look out of your front door you never know what you may see. Hubby came in the back door hollering, “Come and see!” Opening up the door, this is what I saw – a HUGE offshore supply boat that dwarfed our boathouse and boat! I wasn’t dressed so the pictures were taken from inside of the screened-in porch. This boat was huge, possibly the largest I’ve seen on the bayou.

This is a bayou, not a large canal or river and the bayou is not that wide, so when a huge boat like this is floating by, it is really something to see. We were out riding in our boat yesterday and we were checking the depth of the bayou around our wharf. At this point, in the channel, the water is about 15-18 feet deep and you can see the waterline on this boat (red paint). It is not drawing very much water. A friend later told me her husband was driving the lead tugboat. I guess you tell we really get excited at the mundane things around here. Oh well…life on the bayou!







Our little houseboat is currently a construction zone. All of the carpet has been ripped out and the three levels are ready for flooring. The only problem is finding flooring. We took a trip to Lowes a couple of weeks back thinking we were going to buy the flooring. Every wood floor we chose was not in stock in the warehouse. I finally asked the man if the company was coming out with new flooring. After a bit, he finally admitted that the companies were selling out of all the old stock and would probably be restocking soon.

Getting information is like pulling teeth. I wish people would be upfront with information. Yes, I need flooring, but I am not going to purchase something I don’t like. Hopefully, the companies will release their new products (and I’m sure there will be an increase in the price) soon and we can get going on that project.

Meanwhile, there were a few little projects that we accomplished yesterday. I broke a stool (quite by accident) and we fixed the lights so they are all working inside of the cabin now. We decided that we didn’t want a microwave in the boat (we rarely use the one in the house) so we began removal of that. I say that because it was not an easy task. The previous owners had bolted shelf brackets to the side of the cabinet housing the refrigerator and then jammed the microwave on the shelf they attached to the brackets. As if that wasn’t secure enough, they then bolted the microwave  to the upper cabinet with a metal bracket. If it had a hole in it, they stuck a screw in it and proceeded to strip said screw. It was a mess! It took a while, but the microwave is now off of the boat.

The kitchen looks so much more open and bigger without the microwave! Also, it was hanging right above the stove which was not healthy. There is an electrical plug on the wall next to the stove that doesn’t make sense either so we are going to move it.

We had already installed one of the Bimini tops so we installed the second over the flying bridge and opened them up. We have sunshine in the forecast for the next few days so hopefully, it will work a minor miracle and begin cleaning the Bimini tops. We plan on pressure washing them soon, but just having them open and hanging about in the sun will help.

My organizing tip of the day is –

When you are scheduling an appointment in your paper calendar, schedule it in your phone’s calendar as well along with an alert. Alerts can be set up according to your response time. For example –  If I set the alert for an afternoon appointment, depending on the driving time, I set an alert for two hours before my meeting. That way I am able to gather my information and bring my mind into focus on the upcoming meeting.

Have a Happy Monday!

Organizing a planner to work as a wallet

It seems like I have been on a long quest to find the perfect wallet. And, along the way wasted time and money. Well, the quest is over. I have finally found my perfect wallet. It has movable parts and loads of the “pretty pretty” that just makes me so happy. I can take things out and add things in on a whim. I can decorate. I can have folders and clear sleeves. It holds a pen and paper. What kind of wallet does all that you ask? My Malibu Personal by Day-Timer.

I have been writing about my Day-Timer in the desk size that I keep – where else – on my desk. For the times I am not at my desk, my planner/wallet comes in handy. The only thing I sync between the two is the month at a glance. That is because when I am out and about and do not have my desk calendar with me, I can still see what activities we have planned.

I thought my planner/wallet would be better explained in a video – I know – not another non-professional video! Well, yes. Hope you enjoy.

As always, I welcome your comments. Have you found the perfect wallet? Please tell us.

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It's been a busy week afterall!

Image-1 (1)

On Monday I instituted a brand new time management schedule and then life outside came to a standstill. Southern Louisiana saw snow and sleet! Hubby was even forced to sit this one out at home. And, when that happens, any schedule I have seems to fly out the window. After a short recess, I got back on schedule and I have to say, my week was a lot less stressful when I followed my schedule.

I am an organizer and when I say my favorite saying is everything should have a place and everything in its place, you can be sure I mean it – even time. Yes, time! That’s where my schedule came in. Everything had a place and everything in its place. Exercise and tidying up the house had a place. Sitting down and writing had a place. See where I’m going with this? I know this doesn’t work for everyone, but if you tend to have a zero attention span the way I do, it works.

I didn’t even feel stressful today when I deviated from my schedule and used my work and writing time to grocery shop. I even found a little time to play. I have become obsessed with every card or sticky note in my planner being something other than what it is – and that is straight lined! I came up with the idea of using one of my many Martha Stewart punches and making eyelet tracks down the sides of my sticky tablets. As you can see in the photo, I haven’t quite mastered matching the sides. I’ve tried upside down and right side up and turning it over while punching the second side, but for some reason it isn’t working. It’s not that important, but sooner or later, I’ll figure it out. Meanwhile, aren’t they cute? Also, you can see by my planner, the week ended up being quite busy despite the adverse weather conditions.

photo 2

Image-1 (3)

Image-1 (2)

Other than working on three book reviews that I’ll have up before the weekend ends, that was my week. Hope you’ve had a great week as well.

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Is your planner working for you or against you? (Video)

I’m trying my hand at another video. The consensus (mine) is that I’m not very good at it so far. I can see what I’m doing wrong so maybe that is improvement after all.

I am using a Day-Timer distressed leather planner cover. I have to confess that I love leather products! When BFF and I go shopping, she knows her main job is to keep me away from the leather! However, she does allow me to walk through the purse section of the store and just breathe. Hopefully, there are no animal activists reading this. (Whispering) I love the way leather smells.

Okay – getting back to my planner. The distressed leather is exactly like my Malibu planner that you have seen in other posts; same size and exact setup.

I’ve been asked over and again to show my set up so today is the day – hence the bad video. My planner, while being set up to work quite efficiently for me, is also a testing ground of sorts. As I come across freebies, I sometimes feel inclined to try them out and those pages come and go. You will see in the video that I am trying out an inventory sheet for both freezer and pantry. I will probably not stick with it because I do not have the patience to go through my pantry or freezer and list all of the items. I know my baking/cooking habits and therefore can probably tell you everything I already have in the cabinet. As far as the freezer goes, we have two and I keep a dry erase board on each one with a list of the contents. I still thought it would be fun to try the list out so I could recommend (or not) it to others.

The same goes with financials. There are some really cute pages available (and most for free) that would be very helpful in budgeting. At some point this year, I am going to sit down and actually give them a go. In the meantime, I use Quickbooks on the computer and that is how I keep my budget and finances in order. So, the paper system on the financials is probably not something I’ll continue.

I will insert Video #1 here. I had to do two shorter videos as opposed to one long one for upload purposes. As you will see, I don’t quite have the video down pact. It’s sideways and cuts off half my picture. It sure is more difficult than it looks. I apologize. I just could not figure out how to rotate it.

I’ve been using my book review system for a few weeks now and I must say that it is working every bit as well as I thought it would. I love having all of my items in one planner rather than scattered between two or three. I know that I can grab that one planner and head out of the door if need be and feel confident that I have everything I need at my fingertips. Ummm. Maybe I will do those financial sheets after all as I do not regularly tote my computer.

My daily sheet that I insert is something I will never give up. I find that I really need a time schedule to keep myself focussed. I also plan on using the Week at a Peek for a long time. It helps that I don’t have to flip back and forth between my book review calendar and the current week. I move my sticky notes to this page and I have the information sitting there for my use. I also enjoying having the extra space on the page to jot down notes about future posts. The monthly view does not have room for me to put these notes and I wouldn’t want to clog up the review list with notes.

Getting back to the freezer and pantry inventory sheets, I am thinking it might not be a bad idea after all. A long time ago, I used to enjoy planning out the week’s menus and I am considering doing it again. It would be fun to plan the menu and then sit down with Hubby and get his input – or maybe not. He is a man who is happy with a can of soup (not that I would EVER serve him that!) He isn’t hard to please although there has been the occasional experiment he’d rather not see on his plate again.

The only party I normally host is my annual Cookie Swap each December. Someone who entertains a lot could label this section “Parties” or “Entertaining.” I have a spread sheet with all of the contact information for each invitee, their RSVP, and the cookie they are bringing. I also have my invitation information handy. After each party, I take this sheet and file it in my Cookie Swap scrap-book. It is nice to have the list handy in the event I need to contact someone and it also makes it easy to keep track of the responses.

Then we all need notepaper, especially me. This section is handy when I attend meetings. I know that I can grab my planner, head out the door, and know that I will have paper and pen to take notes.

Image-1I have one other page which I haven’t put in yet and it is from It is a week at a glance and includes daily chores, weekly chores, and a weekly Bible reading chart. The system also has an app where you can check off the chores as you do them, or add more depending on your lifestyle. I will let you know how I like the page as time goes on.

That about wraps up my desk planner. I also use a personal size planner/wallet to stay organized as I do not carry my desk around on a normal basis. I’ll be doing a video on it at a later date – maybe after I improve my video skills.

Feel free to comment or ask questions. I love planner and organizing questions!

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