Daily Journal – May 12

The last couple of weeks resembles the “Great Science Experiment!”  I originally visited my doctor for a nerve on the right side of my face being sensitive to touch and radiating pain with even the slightest pressure. We had already decided on previous visits that 2017 would be the year to see an orthopedic doctor about the erosive arthritis in my right hand and to see if I could find relief through pain management for…

"Daily Journal – May 12"

My Daily Drama – Hospitals and distracted drivers!

I had an appointment with my oncologist yesterday at Ochsner Hospital. If you follow my blog, you already know that I have two rare blood disorders – Essential Thrombocythemia and Polycythemia Vera. I have also been diagnosed with a rare form of arthritis – never miss the opportunity to be unique! – erosive arthritis. Yesterday was my six-month blood work and check up. The drama began with the drive to New Orleans, which is about…

"My Daily Drama – Hospitals and distracted drivers!"

Thursday – Where Truth is the Dare

It’s Thursday again – and we all know what that means! Here is this week’s question. Truth? or Dare? What are you hoping for? (Hoping, not trying to make happen.) I am hoping for my blood platelet count to stabilize and quit fluctuating and increasing. (I have Essential Thrombocythemia; my blood marrow makes too many platelets.) (Only God can make that happen.) Thank you all for participating.

"Thursday – Where Truth is the Dare"