Just living up to my nickname, Folks – Lucille Ball

And, they don’t call me Lucy for nothin’!

This morning, I had my office/craft room all torn apart, rearranging and tossing a few things so I could make room for new things! That’s how it goes, out with those items we no longer use so we can

make room for new things. Anyway, I have a few (lots) of Martha Stewart paper punches. Some of the punches are cute corner punches and I have to admit that I’ve been frustrated through the years because I just couldn’t figure out how to get them to punch the corners equally – the never ending battle. There are little hash marks on the sides and I tried and tried to line the paper up using them. It never worked.


Such a cute corner!

Well, this morning, I was cleaning out my pink tote (Craftsman? remember the rage? I’m sure most of you

have one) and in the bottom was an instruction sheet. I picked it up and started to toss it, but noticed a picture of one of my corner punches on it. I opened it up and how does that saying go? Low and behold, the dang stinker has little pieces to each side that open up like wings to guide the paper. Who knew that a PAPER PUNCH came with instructions? What? Yep! Just living up to my nickname folks, Lucille Ball! This is solid proof that there is a God and Guardian Angels. How else would you explain that I have made it through life this far?

Then, I proceeded to play. I punched holes in everything I could get my hot little hands on! Instead of cleaning the house or cutting up the chicken in the refrigerator to freeze or putting the laundry to wash, I played! I even made a little book with my brand new paper cinch by Heidi Swap! Then I punched some more paper!





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