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Outremer I

Who Controls The Past Controls The Future

 An epic love story must overcome religious divide and a plot to eradicate two bloodlines, as the Crusades and the search for the ancient mysteries of the Holy Grail gather momentum.

Raised by his father in La Rochelle, France, Paul Plantavalu is known for his artistic nature, inquisitive mind and Christian faith. He also has an unshakable love for his Muslim childhood friend, Alisha al Komaty. Courageous and outspoken, she returns Paul’s love. But their path is paved with obstacles; religion, war, political chaos and a mysterious enemy determined to destroy their family lines.

Sometime between 1110 AD and 1120 AD in the aftermath of the first crusade, a small band of nine knights — the founding knights Templar — recover ancient precious artifacts left by a former, advanced civilization, beneath the City of Jerusalem. Ruthlessly guarded, the secrets revealed by this discovery are highly prized by powerful and dangerous forces far and wide; the repercussions of their capture are inextricably linked to Paul and Alisha. As Paul starts to experience dark and vivid dreams and the fragile balance of peace starts to crumble, it will fall to an enigmatic man known as Kratos and his female warrior protégée Abi Shadana, to safeguard Paul and Alisha.

Paul and Alisha’s love story weaves the threads of our reality and other realms — from the Druids to the Sufi mystics, the Magi of the East, the secret political arm of the Knights Templar and the Isma’ilis, the Assassins. Knights and pilgrims alike will witness some of the darkest battles ever fought. The discovery of a unique sword’s lethal power and whispered connections to King Arthur and the Holy Grail lead Paul and Alisha to question if their lives ever are the same again.

The first of a four-part series, Outremer is a historical epic, which sweeps across England, Scotland and France, to Syria, Jerusalem, and Egypt. Discover the truth — and crack the ancient code — behind the great mysteries of the High Middle Ages for yourself.

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About the author: After strange and vivid experiences whilst living in Cyprus as a child, author D N Carter has been fascinated by the history, myths, and legends of the Middle Ages and mankind’s past. As he got older travels to Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, the Languedoc region of France and the deserts of Arabia fuelled his enthusiasm. While not decoding maps and mathematical codes D N Carter enjoys adventure sports from parachuting to microlight flying. Today he divides his time between East Anglia in the UK and the south of France with his family.

Book 1: Outremer – Who Controls the past, controls the future.

   Outremer is the first book of a set of four volumes, each just over 300,000 words long. Each is filled with charcoal drawings of characters, locations, and symbols. I think it safe to claim they are a sprawling historical and spiritual epic told through a powerful love story set during the Crusades of the 12th Century. Based on actual events and real people they tell of true unselfish love…of loyalty, sacrifice and honor, but also unrequited love, jealousy, treachery and betrayals with consequences that echo out across the centuries to the present! The story mainly revolves around two central characters, Paul Plantavalu, a Christian man of a sensitive and kind disposition and Alisha al Komaty, a woman from a Muslim family and their love that bridges the religious divide of their respective faiths. Of their very personal journey as they move from childhood into adulthood and their battle to survive amidst the carnage of war and political upheavals that surrounded them…but also an unseen enemy determined to wipe out both of their family lines. There are several major characters within Outremer and their complex natures are revealed as the story progresses with many plot twists, turns, and revelations to keep you guessing throughout as to who are genuine supporters of Paul and Alisha, and who has evil intent and wish them harm.

There is a lot of political intrigue within the story and I believe a reasoned and balanced portrayal of the time from both sides of the religious divide. I have given arguments, based upon historical fact, so the reader can hopefully understand both perspectives and just why and how conflict grew between Christianity and Islam during this tumultuous period when a golden opportunity was missed, mainly because of the actions of just a few. If you love history, Outremer has plenty of it. If you love romance, it has plenty of that too…but real nitty gritty love with its highs and lows with all its raw emotion, not some fantasy fairytale. If you love mysticism and spiritual matters, then Outremer is a journey you may perhaps benefit from reading as its pages are filled with it, because the story also weaves the threads of our reality and other realms, from ancient megalithic sites to Druids, Sufi mystics, the Magi of the east to the secret political arm of the Knights Templar and the Isma’ilis, better known to us today as the Hashashin’s or Assassins’ It is a tour through various regions from across Britain, Scotland, Ireland, France to Jerusalem and Egypt to take you on a journey as you walk through the pages of history and religion in the footsteps of knights and pilgrims alike.

It is also about mankind’s hidden history, suppressed knowledge of our true past and strips away many of the present misconceptions as taught as fact today. If you have ever pondered the mysteries of the so-called mythical Atlantis, ancient civilized gods, and pre-history, then answers to some of them, based on solid research and evidence, which can be verified and confirmed, are revealed. Outremer unravels many unanswered questions relating to the Crusades, Knights Templar, and myths surrounding the so-called ‘Holy Grail’ and what it really stood for. Many ancient mysteries are covered from so-called dragons, ancient flying devices of myth, to angels present throughout history, to who and how the pyramids at Giza and others around the world were made and more importantly, why. Outremer has a ‘hidden esoteric’ story conveyed as well as genuine codes from antiquity along with a current code.

Outremer addresses questions rarely asked and sheds new light on pressing issues that fuel the fires of religious division and demonstrates how the Crusades helped shape the relations between Christian and Muslim countries to this day. Informative yet never descending into the sensational, but not avoiding the horrors either, Outremer concludes that there is a way out of the dogmatic quagmire and a way forward and that we are all responsible.

I aimed to be as historically accurate as possible to the tactics, uniforms and weapons employed by both sides as well as make it thought provoking, inspiring and informative as it is I believe a heart-wrenching tale that also reveals genuine codes from antiquity that prevailed during this period but which still have profound consequences for all of us, but also traces a secret back far into antiquity never even imagined through esoteric and exoteric revelations.

The connection with twelve is explained and how it came to be important within the symbolism of Jesus and his twelve disciples at the last supper, which was later included into the myth and symbolism of King Arthur and his twelve Knights of the Round Table. This symbolism is all divulged slowly as the story unfolds and it affects the people during the crusades and why and how it is still so relevant even today.

Throughout the story, a mystery unfolds about bloodlines that stretch further back into antiquity with their descendants originating from two original ancient lines and as Outremer reaches its conclusion, revealed for the first time are the true origins and impetuous behind the nine original knights going to Jerusalem and founding the Knights Templar and details the secret from antiquity that they guarded. It relates to all of us today, and not just a bloodline but a secret that reveals mankind’s true origins, our true past that stretches back many thousands of years before accepted history, but also our true potential as well as a legacy from antiquity that still waits to be uncovered; more correctly, recovered!

It is also a personal journey through mysticism and a spiritual awakening…of magical other worldly locations and people that call out from the mists of time and echo across the centuries to us now.

Guest Post –

Why set a powerful love story in the Middle Ages?

Because the whole story is based on real people who lived during this particularly tumultuous period. Few people these days fully appreciate the massive implications of the events during the latter part of the 1100’s and their effects still impacting upon us today, especially how and why Christianity and Islam became so diametrically opposed to each other.

This period was the perfect time platform to express the many levels of love, from the total and unselfish love for another, to unrequited love, jealousy, betrayals and forgiveness to the love of parents for their children and the love of a child to its parents in return …of the love and respect between men at arms, the close bonds that bind them through shared experiences and the horrors of conflict. But this period was also the time when items were recovered by the original founding Knights Templar. Items that would ultimately lead to the rediscovery of practices and technologies that had an immediate impact, especially upon the design and construction of great cathedrals, but also leaps in other areas not so obvious that led to the explosion of what became known as the Renaissance starting in Florence.

War affects so many people in many different ways, but it can never stop the path of true love; that’s one lesson history teaches us. War reveals both sides of people, at their very best but also their very worst. It highlights the strengths of mankind when faced with overwhelming odds, even when all hope is lost for it ignites passion, creates fear of losing loved ones, it drives people to do extraordinary things in extraordinary circumstances. War shows how fragile life is and that what we cherish so dearly can so easily be snatched away in an instant with no recovery. War is devastating but it does not stop ‘life’ continuing, for people still fall in love, fall out of love, babies are born and people die of unrelated causes just as before. War creates tremendous pressures upon people causing heightened emotions, irrational behavior as well as making some think a little more than usual before pursuing a course of action. It can make us love those close to us a little more; it can make us grateful for the things we already have and took for granted previously and recognize the insignificance of material items.

Some say that sometimes being in love is like being in a war zone, for in truth there are moments in all of our lives when you realize nothing will ever be the same again and time is clearly divided into two parts …before a particular event or moment, and after this event or moment.

I also set the story within this period as it was when the first Grail romances about chivalry and courtly love were being penned. Chretien de Troyes being perhaps one of the better-known authors. He was a French poet and was the first great exponent of the romanticisation of Arthurian legend. His narrative romances, composed c.1170–c.1185 in octosyllabic rhymed couplets, and they included Érec et Énide; Cligès; Lancelot, le chevalier de la charette; Yvain, le chevalier au lion; and Perceval, le conte del Graal. It was Geoffrey of Monmouth, writing around 1130 with History of the Kings of Britain, who introduced the first literary creation of the character, King Arthur and the idea of courtly love, but it was Chretien de Troyes who built and expanded on this base. It was Chretien de Troyes who is credited with creating Camelot, Lancelot and the Holy Grail.

All of these facts pointed to this as being the period when a great revelation of esoteric and exoteric codes started…It seemed to be the perfect backdrop to set a love story that was so enmeshed with those very same codes of antiquity, plus it was a time of major religious upheavals that shaped our future. But Chretien was an enigmatic character that history cannot pin down with any certainty and I wondered how who and from where exactly did he get his inspiration and information? His romanticized stories set the bar for love stories that have followed. It is from his and similar writings that many believe that when it’s time for souls to meet, nothing on earth or in heaven can prevent them from meeting …for there are no boundaries or barriers, not even religious, time or distance if two people are destined to be together.


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