Sweet Spot, A Hale Street Story by Amy Knupp – Review

Sweet Spot: A Hale Street Story by [Knupp, Amy]

Former marketing whiz Kennedy Lowell knows bartending isn’t her destiny. After derailing her life to epic proportions in one fell swoop, though, she’s content with the easy refuge of pouring drinks and keeping to herself. But the arrival of her sexy new boss and two wannabe friends who won’t take no for an answer throws Kennedy into a tailspin. Add the temptation of a homey new bakery desperately in need of a marketing genius and Kennedy begins to wonder if easy is all it’s cracked up to be.

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Easy is Hunter Clayborne’s middle name. Uncomplicated is what he expects when he moves home to Nashville to take over the family business. What he finds, though, is the polar opposite of easy—a bar losing money, a family entrenched in doing things the old-fashioned way, and an irresistible redheaded bartender who keeps him at a cool distance in spite of their sizzling mutual attraction.

There’s nothing simple about the chemistry between Kennedy and Hunter. But sometimes, if you can work your way out of your comfort zone, that’s when you just might find your sweet spot.

Author Amy Knupp – lives in Wisconsin with her husband, two sons, five cats, and two turtles. She graduated from the University of Kansas with degrees in French and journalism. In addition to authoring twelve contemporary romance novels and three short stories, she’s the owner of Blue Otter Editing (www.blueotterediting.com). In her spare time, she enjoys reading, buying books in excess, traveling, breaking up cat fights, watching college basketball, and playing addictive computer games. She’s a member of Novelists, Inc., Romance Writers of America, Mad City Romance Writers, and Wisconsin Romance Writers.

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Review –

This is the first book by Amy Knupp that I have read and I enjoy it very much. The story is about three young women, two of whom are cousins and the third, a young woman that they have taken under their wing.

It is a sweet story of friendship between women with a sexy guy thrown in for a little romance. Anyone who follows my blog knows I am an introvert and the young woman at the center of this story is an introvert. I enjoyed the humor derived from her being an introvert, many things I personally identified with .

Kennedy had surpassed her capacity for acting like an extrovert about twenty minutes ago. She managed to pull off that act every night at the bar, but tonight was tougher. Maybe because the stakes were higher. Between making sure she talked to almost everyone, trying to keep uyp with her two social butterfly roommates, and avoiding Hunter, her introvert self felt like she’d been dragged behind a freight train for a couple hundred miles.

Peace and quiet. That was what she’d told Ivy she needed, and though Ivy likely didn’t comprehend how the party had sucked all her energy out, she’d not given Kennedy too hard of a time.

She managed to attain queter, shutting out the sounds of the party outside of her bedroom window with the hum of the air conditioner, the whir of the ceiling fan, and the soft piano music coming from the speaker Violet had loaned her to dock her phone to.

Peace was another story. Apparently it wasn’t on the docket tonight.

The book is not all fluff and addresses snobbery still evident in today’s society as Kennedy works hard to make friends and put her unpleasant past behind her. The book is well-written and would be a great read for those wintry nights that will soon be upon us.

She kissed him and then stood. Held out her hand to him. As he entwined their fingers and rose, he caught a glimpse of her ring. The stone was a vibrant, deep purple-blue.

You’ll have to read the book to learn about the ring!