An Organized Screen Saver!

Like everyone else in the universe, I follow lots of blogs; some more than others. I was going through my emails and came across one from In My Own Style blog.

I am known as the “organized one” and I’ve quit even trying to deny it! But, the one place I have been wanting to organize and haven’t succeeded is the desktop on my computer. I can happily report that even my desktop is organized now thanks to a free download. And, did I mention that every time I turn my computer on, I am greeted with a beautiful image that I can’t see myself tiring of anytime soon.

Just looking at my screen makes me happy. I chose the file with colored boards (they are all available in the post link) because it is easier to see my folders. I also took her suggestion and opened up my post-its and have those displayed in the proper box. Joy, joy, joy is all I feel. That is what organizing does for me.

If you have been looking for a solution for your messy screen, by all means, check out the post and download this beautiful screen saver and get organizing! THEN! Come back and let me know how you like it. Leave Diane a comment telling her you found her blog here.


Computer Desktop Background Screen Organizer