When a Democratic Governor puts his own agenda before his people…

If you follow this link, you will be able to listen to Louisiana State Treasurer John Kennedy response to our Governor’s ideas of how to fix the gap caused by excessive spending and thievery by our Louisiana Government. A few of the more than 400 suggestions that Kennedy forwarded to the new Governor and the Legislature, that have gone largely unnoticed, are expounded upon.


Don’t feel like listening? Here are a few:

1. In 2005, Louisiana’s budget was $16.5 billion, now it is $25 billion, which is a 40% increase when the economy only grew 25%. I’m bad at math and even I can see there’s something wrong with these figures. For seven years, the LA State Legislature has robbed every state savings account – eight no longer even exist.

Newly elected Governor Edwards proposes the largest tax increase in the history of Louisiana. He is telling Louisiana families and businesses to cut their budgets so Louisiana Government doesn’t have to. He is targeting the following –

  • personal income tax
  • sales tax
  • corporate taxes
  • corporate franchise taxes
  • inventory tax
  • cigarette tax
  • liquor tax
  • telephone tax, and a new one –
  • internet tax

Also, $400 million of taxpayers money are tied up in 156 statutory dedications – they should be unlocked so that everyone competes for the monies.

2. Louisiana has 19,000 consultants that taxpayers are paying for – we all know what consultants charge – and why do we need 19,000 consultants?!!!!

3. Louisiana has far too many expensive generals and not enough foot soldiers.

4. Start saying NO, as allowed by law, to people on Medicaid who go to EXPENSIVE emergency rooms for acne, pregnancy tests, wart removal, to talk to someone about weight loss, to see if they need glasses. It costs 5x more to go to an emergency room than a private clinic. (We pay for these services! Those of us who pay taxes and can’t afford to go to emergency rooms.)

5. 3% of the 1.4 million people in Louisiana on Medicaid (can you believe that number!!) spend 43% of the money – reread that. We need to find out why. And don’t hire auditors. The legislature has more than enough.

6. According to the Federal Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services, 10% of $9 billion is attributable to fraud. Quick math – that’s $900 million a year in fraud. Even if the CMS is 1/2 wrong, it is still $450 million in fraud. The state needs to take auditors from the Legislator’s office and VHH and root out the perpetrators and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.

These were only a few of his suggestions that would save Louisiana between $500 million to $1 billion of taxpayer’s (OUR) money. Louisiana doesn’t have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem. Louisiana families and businesses live within their means, it is time for the Louisiana Government to do the same.


But, our newly elected Governor doesn’t want to hear about these cuts. He criticized the former governor for high salaries and said he would slash them if he won. Well, not only has he NOT slashed salaries, he has raised a few. 

Our economy is faltering, as is everyone’s. The oil industry has all but shut down. People are out of work and there are few jobs to be found. People are choosing between eating and medicine. Parish taxes have just increased. Small businesses, along with big businesses are struggling. Belts have been tightened as much as they can in most instances. Budget cuts and high salary cuts are needed. Government cuts are needed. We can no longer sustain a large overspent government.

If you agree, please like and share. Something needs to be done. Do not stay quiet! Find out who your legislators are and text, tweet, and write on their facebook pages! Call their offices!