You've been married to me how long? And still you are surprised?…

I’ve long been known as Lucy and, believe me, there’s a reason. Hubby and the neighbor have decided to put a break in the fence and add a gate between our yards. It seems that they think they’re too old to be climbing over the fence any longer (54 and 40-something).

Hubby also decided yesterday was the day and if you haven’t guessed it yet, he came in the house asking for help – my help. None too happy about helping pour concrete in the sweltering heat, out I went – because I love my hubby and that is just what you do in the South.

He mixed up the bag of concrete in the wheelbarrow and then climbed the fence (yes – again!) Then I had to use a bucket to dish up the concrete and hand it to him so he could pour it in the hole along with the pipe. Believe me when I say that I was desperately trying to figure out an easier way, one that preferably didn’t involve me. There was none. So, I dipped and passed, dipped and passed until the concrete was gone.

Hubby then climbed back over the fence – again – and mixed up a second batch for the second post. I was in charge of adding water. Simple enough. Maybe for the average person, but we’re talking about Lucy! I was instructed to add a little water and then stop, add and stop, add and stop. This is hard to do when you have a zero attention span. Then, I spotted the dogs and started spraying them with the water – that is until I was called back to water and stopped. It was during one of the stops that I realized I was holding a nozzle with running water over the concrete that Hubby had just finished putting in hole number one.IMG_7216

He at least had the grace not to mention it. I’m not sure if that made me feel any better or not, but to make matters worse, when I asked if he needed more water, he said no, that he was going to mix this batch really thick in the event I decided to water the post. I knew no comment earlier was going to come back and haunt me! My comment? “You knew what you were getting when you asked me to help. How long have you been married to me?” Period. End. of. discussion.