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Book Title: The Metabolism Solution, Lose 1 Pound A Day and Melt Belly Fat Fast by Lisa Lynn
Category: Adult non-fiction,  207 pages
Genre: Health, Fitness, Weight Loss, Christian, Cooking, Self help
Publisher: LynFit Nutrition (2nd edition)
Published: Oct 6, 2014
Available in: Paperback
and E-book format: mobi (for Kindle)


Book Description:
Are you ready to lose 1 pound a day? Have you tried every weight loss plan under the sun? Don’t give up in frustration; The Metabolism Solution will make it faster and easier. What makes The Metabolism Solution different? It will teach you how to safely harness the power of your metabolism to lose weight and melt belly fat fast. You will learn the right way to work out to boost your metabolism with the best part being seeing results the first day after your first 30-minute workout. You will learn how to address your weight loss and fitness issues from the inside out, allowing you to focus on what created the weight gain in the beginning and how to correct those issues. Do you love delicious food? You’ll adore Lisa Lynn’s 100 irresistibly delicious fat blasting recipes. The Metabolism Solution is the perfect roadmap for not only transforming your body, but changing your whole life.

Lisa Lynn

CELEBRITY FITNESS AND NUTRITION EXPERT LISA LYNN has devoted nearly three decades of her career to personal training, specializing in metabolic weight loss and performance nutrition. Coupled with her vast experience in the field of fitness and nutrition she has earned four educational certificates from the International Sports and Sciences Association’s Professional Division including: Certified Fitness Trainer, Specialist in Performance Nutrition, Fitness Therapy and Elite Trainer.

Lynn’s years of research in metabolic boosting and performance nutrition resulted in the development of herLeaner Lifestyle DVD Series, specifically designed to promote healthy fat loss by boosting the most sluggish and stubborn metabolisms. She is best known for her 13 years as MARTHA STEWART’s personal trainer who has said, “Lisa is the only trainer that made a difference.” Lynn is also a regular go-to nutrition and fitness expert on THE DR. OZ SHOW appearing in two of his highest rated episodes. Major media outlets frequently call upon her for her expertise in fitness and nutrition. Lynn maintains a diverse portfolio of clientele including professional bodybuilders, models, actors, CEOs and real-world people throughout the country.

Lisa just released her award winning book The Metabolism Solution that has helped thousands of people lose weight and reach their fitness

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Why self-publishing my book has actually helped others lose weight!

by Lisa Lynn

I actually turned down book publishing deals and money advances and chose to self-publish after doing the Dr. OZ show. Why? Because I was being bombarded with questions regarding the raspberry ketones and how to take them to lose weight and why or why not to take them. I wanted to give people honest answers versus selling people things they may or may not need. Lots of people don’t know that most of what is on TV and what we read is all sponsored by companies who are trying to sell you something you might not need. While I do sell my own brand of raspberry ketones and have for over 25 years, I am specific when I let people know you have to eat thermogenically and move every day and you can’t just take a pill. The Dr OZ show didn’t say all that needed to be said.

I have been there and tried every diet on the planet and bought every supplements that didn’t work which made me lose hope and made me broke!  I wish I had a dollar for every fad I tried. I wanted to spare others from that misery so they would have hope to do what needed to be done. The truth is raspberry ketones do work amazingly well IF your body needs them, but quality is everything and if you don’t buy a good quality from a good source you shouldn’t even bother! I have rarely suggested people take supplements that aren’t blended with other fat fighting ingredients. Lots of Dr. OZ viewers went out and bought raspberry ketones as well as forksolin and banaba leaf at local stores which weren’t high quality or blended with the right ingredients, so they were very disappointed because they didn’t see results.  I felt responsible for their failures because I was the one who introduced them to some of these supplements, but I was only allowed to say exactly what they told me and nothing more, which meant people didn’t get the whole truth/story.  I wanted to make it right and answer all of the questions people were asking me every day even when I was out grocery shopping!  I wanted to clear the air and allow people to learn the system that really works.

Self-publishing is a great way to get your voice heard and it’s been awesome!


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