Leah's Peace by Sophie Dawson (Review)

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Stones Creek Series 1 & 2
The Civil War has been over for two years. Two young women step off the train in Stones Creek, Colorado at the same time. One is returning to the family and ranch she loves, the other starting a new life leaving the memories which haunt her behind.

˃˃˃ Leah, trying to flee her memories of the Civil War.

She moves to Stones Creek, Colorado in 1867 following the death of her surgeon father. She had followed along as he treated Union soldiers in battle after battle. All she wants to do is forget, especially the handsome physician whose career she knew she had destroyed.

˃˃˃ Eli, rejected by his parents because of his scarred face and arm.

He moved to Stones Creek following a war buddy and has found welcome. Eli is puzzled by the newcomer Leah’s coldness and avoidance.

˃˃˃ Each wonders about the other.

Why does this woman, who is friendly to everyone else in town, reject his offer of friendship? Why does she avoid looking at his face?
How can she have peace knowing she is responsible for his scars? How could God have lead her to a town where the one person she wanted to forget lives, works and wants to be her friend?

Sophie Dawson
 has been making up stories in her head ever since she was a child. She lives with her husband on the family farm in Illinois. Two grown sons, a daughter-in-law and granddaughter round out her immediate family. Sophie does all kinds of needlework and was a professional machine quilter in the past. She loves to travel, read, garden and now write. In her books, Sophie shares the wisdom God has taught her in stories of faithful living. Her hope is to demonstrate how acting and reacting in the way the Bible teaches can bring a positive impact on her readers.


My Review:

LEAH’S PEACE by Sophie Dawson is one of those sweet historical western romances that you can curl up in a chair with and enjoy, becasue the book is more about the journey than a thick guessing plot. Something different in this book that is not always shared in other historical romances was the faith the characters had in God. And, at the center of the book were the lessons we learn from trusting God in our everyday living.

I have always found historical romances intriguing because of the history in them and the way some authors are able to bring that history alive for the readerLEAH’S PEACE accomplishes this with the addition of fun characters and lots of love, from the youngest member of the book to the oldest.

LEAH’S PEACE is the first in the Stone’s Creek series and the characters of the second book, Chasing Nori make their debut in this book. The reader can easily see that the fun and love will flow into the second book seamlessly.

I really enjoyed LEAH’S PEACE and I am giving it 5 stars. I will definitely be reading the second book in the series.

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I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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