The five things you wish you'd known about me BEFORE…

The five things you wish you’d known about me BEFORE you became friends with me…

I have been neglectful in acknowledging a few blog awards that I have been given. Sorry guys! I appreciate your thoughtfulness.


In April, M.J. Kane awarded me the “Lucky Meme” award. Because I have no manuscript in which to skip to a certain page and give you a preview, I couldn’t accept it. I appreciate it anyway!  Thanks M.J.!

She, by the way, has a fabulous blog that goes along with her book and you should really check out. You can find her here:

Darlene Foster, blessed me with the “Beautiful Blogger” award. She is a really sweet woman who has a great blog. Thank you Darlene! It is always nice to know that others are reading your blog and think so highly of you.

I think I qualify for this award, so I’ll give the old college try.

Here are the five or so random things about me that you probably don’t know (I promise that there is a whole lot more than that!)

1. I can beat a dead horse like no body’s mama. (Just ask my poor husband. I make SURE I get my point across AND that I am understood! A few times. Hence – beatin’ that dead horse. Now, if there is ever a reward for that – I guarantee that my name will be leading the pack.)

2.  Like Darlene, I have books in EVERY room of the house. My Hubby said the first thing he would do if I left this world before he did, would be to get rid of all my books as fast as he could (maybe not quite that harsh.) My best friend has already said that she will be here to pick them all up the day after my funeral. Aren’t the people in my life just so sweet? Bless their little hearts! (Yeah, right!)

3.  I have a bag obsession. I am always on the lookout for the best organized bag I can put my hands on. I have yet to find it, so my closet is a little overrun with bags. I have finally designed my own. I just need to find the fabric and sit down and make it.

4.  I love playing with makeup. A girl can just never have too much makeup – well, she can, but don’t tell anyone. There is no way I could ever just slap makeup on and run out of the house. It is a process and I love every minute of it. (Just ask the toe tapping Hubby.) 

5.  If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know how organized I am, and how much I love white shirts with my jeans. My favorite outfit is a white blouse, jeans, red belt, and red shoes. I could wear the same outfit everyday and be happy as a clam. What you don’t realize is that I actually could, as in I have about 30 white shirts! I am so dead serious. It’s posted on my blog. Go and look. 

Now, that is enough about me. If I admit to anymore, someone will be blackmailing me.

I now have to bestow the award on a few blogs. I always draw a blank at this point. There are so many great blogs around. 

 I hope you’ll check out each of the blogs and tell them hello.
NOW, for the big question – What should I know about you?