My Crazy Life – October 25, 2011 – Dogs ARE like children

I know I probably seem like a broken record these days, as my life seems to revolve around the dogs. Obedience class and practicing the commands we are learning is very time consuming.

Calypso has such a stubborn streak! She actually reminds me of one of my daughters. From the time my daughter was very young – about the time she started to put together sentences – she would answer in a complete sentence to avoid saying, “Yes mam, No sir”, etc. You will get where I am going with this in a moment.

Before allowing Calypso and Ryka to come in, I make them “sit and wait” until I open the door and invite them in – after me, (same goes for going outside.) Ryka wants to come in and does not mind following the command, although she acts as if it is beneath her.

Calypso, on the other hand, has way too much pride and is very stubborn. She will walk up to the door and the minute I tell her to sit, she will look at me (with the look), turn, and walk away. She spent the morning outside by herself today, while Ryka had a nice, long, peaceful nap inside.

I normally let them come in while I fix their dinner bowls, but before they can come in, they have to “sit and wait”. Twice today, Calypso gave me “the look” and walked away. At least with a child, you have a chance – albeit a small one – of them understanding your words when you explain something. I am at a loss with Calypso, so much so that I bought one of Cesar’s (The Dog Whisperer) books! If I weren’t so tired, I’d stay up all night reading about the “miracles” that are going to happen once I apply his techniques! I wonder if he would consider a trip to bayou country.

This has been a very busy week. Saturday, Cara was invited to a classmate’s birthday party at the skating rink – it was roller skating – we live in South Louisiana. Mommy Jessica was trying to get things ready for a party celebrating her birthday and times were overlapping causing some conflict. I volunteered to bring Cara to the party.

Now that Jessica bought a house and has moved a little farther away, the kids have changed schools. This means that I do not pick them up for school anymore. I think Cara misses our drives to school because as soon as we were on our way, she wanted to play the letter game we used to play every morning on the way to school. Then, as we crossed over a big bridge, she was pretending we were on a roller coaster, which was another one of our games.

Once we arrived at the rink, and had her feet snuggled safely in her skates, she tried skating. It was then that I realized she did not know how. With a few little swishing moves, I was able to show her how to glide and off she went with a little more confidence in her abilities.   I loved to roller skate and was wishing I still had my roller skates. I remember taking my daughters skating when they were growing up. We always had lots of fun.

I managed to write three book reviews while watching Cara skate. She was so excited to learn how to skate by the time the party ended and definitely wants to go back skating. I hope that Katie-Beth still has my skates. I think I want to skate again! Cara also realized that Andrew would be too afraid to skate and said that he could just play the games instead. She certainly has her brother all figured out!

Now, to do some more ironing!