The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels by Ree Drummond

The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels - A Love Story
About the Book (from Booklist):

            Popular blogger and cookbook author Drummond shares the story of her courtship and marriage to her husband, whom she refers to as Marlboro Man. Though Drummond grew up in Oklahoma, she never imagined she’d end up there for good. After four years of college in Los Angeles, Drummond was only making a pit stop home before moving to Chicago. A chance encounter with a devastatingly masculine cowboy in a local bar changes everything. Though several months elapse before Marlboro Man calls her, the spark between them ignites as soon as they start dating. A rancher with deep roots in the land he works, Marlboro Man isn’t going anywhere, which means Drummond has to decide whether, to be with him, she’s willing to give up her dream of moving to Chicago. By the time Marlboro Man proposes, the decision is made, and Drummond prepares to marry the love of her life and discover what being a rancher’s wife will entail. Charming and bright, Drummond’s story will be an inspiration to those who despair of finding old-fashioned,lasting love. –Kristine Huntley

My Review:

            I really enjoyed this book. It is a great love story and it brought back so many memories of when my husband and I were dating. I laughed until I cried so many times while reading this book that I lost count.
            I loved the part when her mother knocked on the truck window at 2 a.m. in the morning to ask if it were Ree in the truck. First, what mother would casually stroll up to a strange truck parked in her driveway at that time of the morning dressed in her nightclothes and knock on the window? Wouldn’t most of us just phone 911?
            There was a very cold night when my husband and I were dating that we sat out in his truck in the driveway until odd hours of the night. We had the motor running to keep the heat going and that means the running lights were on (keep in mind that we were in our thirty’s.) My father attempted to come out of the house several times to bring the garbage to the street for the next morning’s trash collection. Each time he opened the door, the lights blinded him. He finally just gave up and went to bed. We still, to this day, laugh about that incident.
            Ree Drummond tells a story about how they both got food poisoning from lobster while on their honeymoon in Australia. Oh! How I laughed! My husband and I traveled to Boston a few years ago and we ate lobster. I had this idea that if I ever ate lobster, it would be in Boston. I had a reaction to the lobster and was violently ill for most of the night. I remember lying in bed willing the impending stomachache to just go away (we’ve all been there.) The longer I lay there, the worse it got until finally (I’ll leave out the details) I couldn’t pretend any longer. My husband was so scared that he prayed the entire night.
            I felt so sorry for the people in the hotel suite next to us. I am certain; their stay was not pleasant thanks to me. My husband wanted to take me to the hospital but I was so sick, I could not move.
            I have to say, it wasn’t funny then, but reading about the Drummond honeymoon made me cackle aloud!
            Ree is a down to earth woman to which we can all relate. She does not pull any punches and tells you like it is with humor.
            Anyone who loves a love story will enjoy this book. It is about meeting Mr. Right and falling hopelessly in love. It is a great read.

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