"Mistakes" – The Authors

From the authors:
A.M. Hayward (Author), L.J. Holder (Author)

A brief look into the minds of the Author’s of Mistakes

We have been asked many times how we came up with the idea behind Mistakes, and we would love to have some crazy story to tell our readers, but sadly it all started with a picture.

I (Amanda) found this incredibly scary looking old door with ominous locks.  It got our minds going, and the story just flowed. Using the news from many of the Texas border towns, we researched the home invasions and kidnappings that have become so widespread.  Many of these stories are even more frightening than anything we could think up, and the story evolved from there. 

Being that I (L.J.) am a native Texan, I was able to bring to the story many of the geographical elements that help the reader understand Maddy’s background.  Dallas, Texas sets up a great backdrop for the culturally diverse lives of our characters.  Not to mention, spending Spring Break in South Padre is a rite of passage for most of the Texan youth. 

Another question we are asked on many occasions is how we co-author when there is an ocean dividing us.  With the help of email, Skype, and much to our husband’s dislike, the phone, we stay in almost constant contact.  There is rarely a day that goes by that we haven’t talked in some form.  We both enjoy bouncing ideas off of each other, and laying out a general plot line together.  From there, we take one chapter at a time.  Write it. Reread it, and then write on it some more.  We both agree that we are definitively our toughest critics.  We feel that the writing is effortless once we get going. However, we do experience the dreaded writer’s block from time to time. When this happens, usually one of us can fill in the gaps.

The Mistake’s Trilogy is the journey of two friends written by two friends.  We both hope our readers enjoy our twisted minds, and look forward to much, much more.  

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