Everyday life on the Bayou

          This blog is not only for book reviewing but for telling stories about the goings on in my life. This past week had a lot of activity. My daughter, Katie-Beth, was in from New York where she is a teacher. She was showing me the website she is setting up and I’ll be sharing it as soon as she finishes critiquing it.  While she was down, two alligators were caught off of our wharf on Bayou Lafourche; one was 5’2″ and the other was 7’8″. Other than the photo of she and my husband fishing one of them out of the water, I didn’t think to take any others. It is such a common site that I forget not everyone has this experience. I’ll be sure and take more pictures next time – yes, there is always a next time.

This alligator was 5’2″ – Katie’s height.

           We have not had rain for well over a month and yesterday, we had several downpours. It was Calypso’s first experience in the rain and I am certain she enjoyed herself. I could not get her to come on the porch. She and Ryka never stopped playing. They did at one point come to the front door with those sad little puppy faces that seemed to be saying they were ready to come in. At that point, I wasn’t sympathetic. 

Yep. Play in the rain. Stay in the rain.

            Jeffery caught some of the first crabs of the season. The crabs from the bayou have a much sweeter flavor (and in my opinion, a better flavor) than the crabs caught closer to the gulf. There have been as many as thirty in the cage at a time. Today, there was one.

Better luck next time.

            This is a common occurrence in my yard. Calypso antagonizes Ryka until there is wrestling. I took a series of shots the other day (but won’t bore you with them) of them just rolling around wrestling. Somewhere in this picture, there are two dogs.

Sumo wrestling.