Parental Alienation and Parenting Stereotypes, A lecture by Dr. Jennifer Hardman, Colorado State University

Below is a powerful, but difficult lecture by Dr. Jennifer Hardman on parenting stereotypes within the context of parental alienation. Dr. Harman is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Colorado State University and is the Program Coordinator for the Applied Social & Health Psychology Program. Poignant points were: How easy parental alienation can occur How parenting stereotypes ‘buy in’ to the unknowing ‘sympathisers’ of the alienating parent Parental alienation being addressed as a form of child abuse…

"Parental Alienation and Parenting Stereotypes, A lecture by Dr. Jennifer Hardman, Colorado State University"

Parental Alienation, Good Versus Evil

Parental Alienation, Good Versus Evil Reblog from here AUGUST 27, 2017 / BTG DAD In my experience of battling parental alienation thus far, I have come to realise the following: It is generally not recognised by the judicial system, dismissed by so-called professionals, and underestimated even when recognised and documented as minimally as possible with phrases such as “exhibits alienating behaviours.” It appears to only be known by those affected by it. So we have a set of behaviours…

"Parental Alienation, Good Versus Evil"

Parental Alienation Explained

What to Do About Parental Alienation As an excluded parent, as an alienated child, and as a by-stander. What is Parental Alienation “Parental Alienation” is the common name for a pattern that can happen to a family, usually after separation, when one parent harmfully turns their child or children against the other parent in a lasting way, and with no good reason. This rejection can happen to mothers as well as to fathers, and can extend…

"Parental Alienation Explained"

Parental Alienation

From – Parental Alienation Parental alienation is a form of child abuse. Parental alienation is the process, and the result, of a parent psychologically brain washing their child into showing unwarranted fear, disrespect and even hostility towards the other parent. In some cases, the alienating parent will deepen the brain washing by witholding the child from the other parents’ parenting time, manipulating the police with false allegations, taking advantage of the courts – who…

"Parental Alienation"

Thanksgiving – Sometimes you have to dig deep to be thankful  

What makes alienation so easy? Humans need security. To ask someone to stop and question 10-15-20 and even 30 years of their security is something most people cannot handle. To learn that half of their life is built on lies and half-truths is unfathomable. Life is easy, why complicate it. In most circumstances, only a tragic event will make a person question what they believe; and how many parents are willing to ask that their…

"Thanksgiving – Sometimes you have to dig deep to be thankful  "

Who Moved My Freakin’ Cheese?

A story of parental alienation; a must read. Related articles Adult Children of Parental Alienation Syndrome- All grown up, but what now? The Impact of Parental Alienation on Children Parental Alienation – One of the Easiest Terms to Throw Around, and One of the Most Difficult to Address Dr. Phil, Richard Rohr, and Alienation ~ Part 1 Frustrated with Lack of Understanding about Parental Alienation? Is Parental Alienation Syndrome Recognized by Professionals?

"Who Moved My Freakin’ Cheese?"