My September Faithful Listers Book

I used memorydex cards that I made and decorated for my listing in August and wanted to try my hand at something different this month. I’ve been obsessed with YouTube videos the last few days and have fallen in love with these books! I decided to see if I could make one. I love mixing and matching different papers and elements so I had a ball putting together this little book for bible journaling this…

"My September Faithful Listers Book"

Daily Journal – Days 17 and 18

"Daily Journal – Days 17 and 18"

Daily Journal – Days 15 and 16

"Daily Journal – Days 15 and 16"

Daily Journal – May 13, 14, and 15

"Daily Journal – May 13, 14, and 15"

Daily Journal – May 8

"Daily Journal – May 8"

Daily Journal – May 4

I am a few hours later posting my Day 4 but we had no power yesterday from 5 o’clock to well into the wee hours. Bad weather moved through the day and night before and from what I heard – through the bayou grapevine – someone cut a power line cutting a tree.  All the best laid plans shot to stuffing. I believe there’s a saying, “we make plans and God laughs.” I think I…

"Daily Journal – May 4"