How's your pillow treating you? Seriously!

If you are me, this is a serious question. I’m not someone who falls asleep the moment their head hits the pillow, or in my Hubby’s case as it is on the way to the pillow. I really expect him to hit the back of the bed one of these days. He honestly falls asleep before his head hits the pillow – must be nice.

I am always in search of a better pillow because I’m convinced that the perfect pillow will send me into dreamland that much sooner. I am also rough on a pillow. I punch. I squish. I beat it. And, after all of that, I plump it up and expect it to become a cloud on which to lay my weary head.

I was contacted recently to receive and review the Sweet Slumber pillow by Reverie. I actually ignored the email the first time around and agreed when I got the second email. No reason, just wasn’t sure how legitimate the email was. Now, I’m glad I did agree.

I received the pillow and couldn’t believe how heavy it was. As I began to read the enclosed literature, I realized where the weight came from. The Reverie’s Sweet Slumber pillow is composed of shredded natural rubber to simulate down. I received the standard/queen size but it is also available in a king size. It is 100% cotton quilted, and the cover is removable and machine washable. The pillow is also hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and dust mite resistant.

The Reverie company was founded in 2003 and is a leading manufacturer of adjustable foundations, mattresses and pillows. Going to the website and requesting a catalog would answer any curiosities you may have. It is a really interesting system.

Getting back to the pillow, my initial thoughts after doing my squish, squeeze, pound test was that it really did resemble a down pillow – which is what I use. I put a pillow case on it and tossed it on the bed to try out. The first two or three nights I really loved the pillow. It was like sleeping on a down pillow. I could do all my pounding and fluffing and then sink down in a cloud of soft pillow to sleep. And, I slept good on those first few nights.

Around the fourth night of sleeping on the pillow, I began to notice a slight rubber smell. I continued sleeping on the pillow for an additional three nights before I went back to my regular pillow. Although originally, I slept wonderfully, the smell began disturbing my sleep. Aside from the smell, the pillow is fantastic. It is soft and I was able to snuggle into it for sleeping. I truly am disappointed that I could not continue sleeping on the pillow as those first few nights were really restful.

The bed system looks interesting, but I would be leery of trying it because of my experience with the pillow. If the company can find a solution to the rubber smell, I would not mind purchasing at least the pillows, and perhaps in the future, the bed.

The web site and additional information can be found at:

I am unsure of what I might rate the pillow due to the smell. As I said, it is truly a comfortable pillow and has many things going for it. I plan on contacting the company to see if they perhaps have a solution. If they respond, I will definitely add their response to this post.

***I did receive a prompt reply from the company on my questions referencing the smell.

“Some people do notice the smell of the natural rubber in the pillow, but they typically notice it on the first night, if at all.  It does dissipate over time, and know that it’s not a synthetic smell such as memory foam.”

I received the Sweet Slumber pillow free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

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Is your planner working for you or against you? (Video)

I’m trying my hand at another video. The consensus (mine) is that I’m not very good at it so far. I can see what I’m doing wrong so maybe that is improvement after all.

I am using a Day-Timer distressed leather planner cover. I have to confess that I love leather products! When BFF and I go shopping, she knows her main job is to keep me away from the leather! However, she does allow me to walk through the purse section of the store and just breathe. Hopefully, there are no animal activists reading this. (Whispering) I love the way leather smells.

Okay – getting back to my planner. The distressed leather is exactly like my Malibu planner that you have seen in other posts; same size and exact setup.

I’ve been asked over and again to show my set up so today is the day – hence the bad video. My planner, while being set up to work quite efficiently for me, is also a testing ground of sorts. As I come across freebies, I sometimes feel inclined to try them out and those pages come and go. You will see in the video that I am trying out an inventory sheet for both freezer and pantry. I will probably not stick with it because I do not have the patience to go through my pantry or freezer and list all of the items. I know my baking/cooking habits and therefore can probably tell you everything I already have in the cabinet. As far as the freezer goes, we have two and I keep a dry erase board on each one with a list of the contents. I still thought it would be fun to try the list out so I could recommend (or not) it to others.

The same goes with financials. There are some really cute pages available (and most for free) that would be very helpful in budgeting. At some point this year, I am going to sit down and actually give them a go. In the meantime, I use Quickbooks on the computer and that is how I keep my budget and finances in order. So, the paper system on the financials is probably not something I’ll continue.

I will insert Video #1 here. I had to do two shorter videos as opposed to one long one for upload purposes. As you will see, I don’t quite have the video down pact. It’s sideways and cuts off half my picture. It sure is more difficult than it looks. I apologize. I just could not figure out how to rotate it.

I’ve been using my book review system for a few weeks now and I must say that it is working every bit as well as I thought it would. I love having all of my items in one planner rather than scattered between two or three. I know that I can grab that one planner and head out of the door if need be and feel confident that I have everything I need at my fingertips. Ummm. Maybe I will do those financial sheets after all as I do not regularly tote my computer.

My daily sheet that I insert is something I will never give up. I find that I really need a time schedule to keep myself focussed. I also plan on using the Week at a Peek for a long time. It helps that I don’t have to flip back and forth between my book review calendar and the current week. I move my sticky notes to this page and I have the information sitting there for my use. I also enjoying having the extra space on the page to jot down notes about future posts. The monthly view does not have room for me to put these notes and I wouldn’t want to clog up the review list with notes.

Getting back to the freezer and pantry inventory sheets, I am thinking it might not be a bad idea after all. A long time ago, I used to enjoy planning out the week’s menus and I am considering doing it again. It would be fun to plan the menu and then sit down with Hubby and get his input – or maybe not. He is a man who is happy with a can of soup (not that I would EVER serve him that!) He isn’t hard to please although there has been the occasional experiment he’d rather not see on his plate again.

The only party I normally host is my annual Cookie Swap each December. Someone who entertains a lot could label this section “Parties” or “Entertaining.” I have a spread sheet with all of the contact information for each invitee, their RSVP, and the cookie they are bringing. I also have my invitation information handy. After each party, I take this sheet and file it in my Cookie Swap scrap-book. It is nice to have the list handy in the event I need to contact someone and it also makes it easy to keep track of the responses.

Then we all need notepaper, especially me. This section is handy when I attend meetings. I know that I can grab my planner, head out the door, and know that I will have paper and pen to take notes.

Image-1I have one other page which I haven’t put in yet and it is from It is a week at a glance and includes daily chores, weekly chores, and a weekly Bible reading chart. The system also has an app where you can check off the chores as you do them, or add more depending on your lifestyle. I will let you know how I like the page as time goes on.

That about wraps up my desk planner. I also use a personal size planner/wallet to stay organized as I do not carry my desk around on a normal basis. I’ll be doing a video on it at a later date – maybe after I improve my video skills.

Feel free to comment or ask questions. I love planner and organizing questions!

Melvedy Designs on Etsy:

I heart organizing on Etsy:

A Bowl full of Lemons:

Day-Timer Malibu:

A Girl and her Blog:

Hello Cuteness:

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Hurricane Isaac – "Lucy's" Disaster

     Part 2

       The storm has passed and the bayou is attempting to return to normal. Hubby was out and about and checking on our rental houses and as luck would have it, part of husband duty was trying to find milk for wife. After passing many still closed markets, he happened upon Wal-Mart, which, just his luck, was out of milk. Hubby didn’t panic, even though he knew I would no doubt go through milk withdrawal at any moment. Being the person he is, he lost no time spinning around and heading for the soda department where he found a six-pack of IBC Root beer in the bottle. He knew without a doubt, what would make his wife happy. Now, THAT is what love is!
Ryka got excited and jumped on me.
Hubby did a pretty good job.
It was looking better until it opened back up. Now
the lines don’t match. Oh well.
It is not only the actual hurricane that causes distress in our lives; it is the personal aftermath. It is the moments in the week following the storm as you are trying to re-establish your routines. Case in point; today. Hubby was helping to fold up Ryka’s metal petcrate, which is quite heavy. I normally do this by myself, but I’ve been having problems with the arthritis in my hands so I asked for help. BIG MISTAKE!
        He kept telling me I was doing it wrong and I kept telling him I wasn’t. The crate ends fall in and then the bottom, sides, and top sort of fold down into place -kind of have to be there – like an accordion. As men will do, he told me to do it myself. He let go as I began folding and as the pieces fell into place, my pinky became caught in between two pieces of the cage. The crate was too heavy for me to lift back up with one hand and my pinky was either going to stay stuck or … -it could only stay stuck.
       So, I screamed. Yes folks, I resorted to screaming – in pain – until he figured out that he had to lift the crate to release my finger. I can’t blame him for his confusion. After all, he is not an –sighing – INTJ. I enjoy using that excuse – except for when he laughs and throws it back at me.
       I now have a black and blue pinky and it is quite sore. It is still crooked from when I fractured it and misplaced – dislocated – it during a fall. Still whopped; just a pretty shade of blue whopped now.
      Alas, but that was not the only mishap. My feet look like they have chicken pox from the many ant bites. Instead of piles in the yard, they have scattered everywhere and they are looking to hurt. I am not trying to sound paranoid, but they seem to want to hurt me. Hubby said I needed to wear my white shrimp boots -yes, I am mortified to admit I have my own pair- but then, it would just take longer to notice the ants had crawled up the boots.
       Ants are not the only little nuisances I have had the bad luck to find myself up against. Going back to trying to re-establish a routine, I went out the back door to ring the bell to alert the dogs for dinner and dang, if a wasp didn’t reach out of the bell and sting me on the same hand I hurt this morning dismantling the kennel! That bell has been hanging at our house for ten years and NEVER once has anything built a nest in it.
       And, I’m not through! As if that weren’t bad enough, Hubby wasn’t around to come to my rescue, so I had to call him on the phone so he could tell me what to do – did I mention I’m not too handy in a crisis? After lots of cold water and then cold Benadryl gel, the sting finally subsided. Now, it is just a hole in my hand. And, for the record, whoever said – and Hubby repeated – that bee stings alleviate arthritis pain in the joints – doesn’t work. Take my word on this.
       I wasn’t the only one to suffer from this mishap. Calypso ended up caught in the bee fray. I couldn’t find the wasp spray so I figured the flying insect spray would work. After all, wasps fly. I took aim and sprayed into the bell. Nothing happened. I had checked and there was a wasp in there, so I sprayed a second time. It finally fell, disoriented from its perch.
        BUT, it didn’t fall to the ground in death, it continued flapping around, so I went inside to locate a shoe. I came back out just as it took flight and landed on Calypso’s back. I am horribly chastened to admit that I popped Calypso on the back with the shoe. Poor thing did not know what was going on. She will probably need doggie therapy from the entire trauma. The little buzzard got away and I think Calypso finally realized I was not trying to hurt her. Who can tell? She is still watching me with a funny look on her face.
       Speaking of therapy, Ryka and Calypso could probably use a good doggie therapist by now. Well, knowing that under normal circumstances, their “Papa” expects them to realize that they are dogs and therefore should remain outside; they were a little confused when the kennels came out of the shed and were put into the garage.
       With tails wagging and hearts full of hope, they got excited. They were running in and out of the garage, at a loss as to what to do. As soon as the rains came, they were all too happy to come inside and ran straight for their kennels. Each time I opened the kennel doors and asked if they wanted to potty, they ran to the back door. Once I opened the door and they stepped out, they immediately turned around and went back to their kennels. Knowing that “Papa” does not let them inside, they were not taking any chances on being left outside. Those poor dogs didn’t potty for almost twenty hours!
       Then, to confuse the poor little souls even more, their “Papa” would sit out in the garage each morning and drink his coffee. He would sit in the rocker right next to them. Before Ryka and Calypso could truly understand what was going on, the hurricane passed and they were once again, banished outside.
       We ended up being without power for about five days, had uprooted trees, with another poor tree sheared and no longer looked like a tree, and shingle damage. No one is any worse for wear, but I hope that we do not have to go through that again for a few years.
       Just when you think the story is over, “Lucy” has another hurricane adventure! I had blood work done on Friday -looks like a vampire bit me. I had to show the tech where they normally stick me. She stuck me on the side of my arm. I do not like needles and that made no freaking sense to me at all. I had it done at the local hospital and then sent into New Orleans. I told Hubby, next time, New Orleans. They get loads of practice and know what they’re doing.
       I received the results a couple of days ago and my platelet count and red cell count are both continuing to rise. This brings me to Hubby’s reaction to the news.
       We were having lunch and I told Hubby about the blood results. After much contemplation, his response -and I’m still baffled- was that people -me?- need to exercise more and work out in the yard and do more things and then they wouldn’t have all these diseases. I’m still trying to figure that one out.
       But, I went out and “exercised and worked in the yard with him clearing branches” and that worked out real well. I sliced the knuckle on my thumb wide open. The blood was flowing, just like a faucet – not a dribble – running. It would not stop. Hubby had walked to the barn and was sharpening his saw. I made a detour through the house to get a towel for my finger.
       Then, I went to the barn to find him. As I walked up to him with a soaking wet red dishtowel I said, “I did something.”
       In calm Hubby fashion -he’s used to bandaging me- he pulled out the first aid kit, dumped hydrogen peroxide on it -now there was a puddle of blood and hp on the concrete- and he proceeded to wrap gauze around and around my thumb and then taped it up. So much for curing my blood disorders. I guess that will have to wait for another day. Now, he did a really fine job bandaging my thumb, but the thing is, I am allergic to anything that contains the least little bit of sticky or latex. Are you getting my drift? That’s right. The finger is all nicely bandaged and itching like crazy.
       -Sighing- it’s just another day in the life of “Me”.
       Feel free to jump in here and add your own comments. How is your day going?
As always, thanks for taking the time to visit today!
Be sure to follow so you don’t miss the adventures!

All Things Southern – Love thy animal as thyself?

   We’ve become “those” people…(hanging my head in shame)

         Last night we dined with friends to celebrate Hubby’s birthday (he’s 52, but I’ll deny until my last breath that I mentioned that fact).

         We normally see each other about once a week or so, and after catching up with the latest news – our upcoming vacation and theirs, we arrived at the restaurant.

         As things normally go here “down on the bayou”, Hubby knew just about everyone in the place – both those coming and going – so there was a lot of conversation floating around. This also happens to be one of our favorite places to have a steak dinner. It is located along Bayou Lafourche and is a piece meal of a building, having been added on to thru the years. Monday night is steak night and people come from up and down the bayou to feast on their delectable steak and potatoes.

Land of the Bayou. My brother-in-law is 6ft.

         Then – it started – Hubby and I have become “those” people. You know the ones – the ones that talk about their dogs – forever! And, as if that’s not enough, we even have pictures of their latest escapades!

         Yes! We have become “those people”. You see, Calypso has been up to her usual escapades and we think she is nothing short of a genius. Of course, we have to share her antics – even if the audience is our captive audience!

Our family
These dogs are not dumb. And, YES I pulled her for a while. I didn’t say humans weren’t.

        This trick worked – for a while. It was even good at keeping unwanted company at bay. The rule was, if you can’t grab hold of the post and swing your little self around it to the porch; you have to visit from the steps. You would be surprised at what folks will do to have a comfortable place to sit and visit. As you can well imagine, there is a lot of swinging going on at our house.       

           Due to Calypso’s puppy chewing, Hubby came up with the brainstorm of hanging a trawl net across the front porch entrance to keep her off the porch (considering how well this turned out – a more apt name might have been “brain-fart”). She has chewed the legs of two very expensive rockers and the side of a table, not to mention knowing on the 6×6’s that actually support the porch roof. You can see that we’ve had to curtail her activities before the house began falling down around or on top of us.

         Lately, it appears that the only beings being kept off the porch are the human kindRyka has gotten quite comfortable with jumping on and off the porch from the side and Calypso…well, Calypso has figured out how to chew and unhook the net from the eyehooks that Hubby installed along the bottom of the porch. Having figured that out, she now knows that she can slip underneath the net and onto the porch. As you can see in the picture, she gets stuck and then she looks around for help. It is impossible for her to gain traction on the concrete steps and nearly impossible for her to claw the porch for traction. Therefore, she spends a lot of time in this particular position – watching Ryka sit on the porch – until she gets tired and backs herself out from under the net, or I take pity on her and work her under the net.

I know there must be a way.
I thought I could get under.
Help! I need help! Stop laughing and help!

         That’s not the only adventure Calypso and Ryka have had this past week. They managed to sashay across a busy, major highway. Those adventures will be coming soon.

         Meanwhile, we Southerners love our animals and treat them as family members. So, be prepared when visiting your Southern neighbors, to feign interest when they start expounding on the virtues and adventures of their “loved ones”.

Do you hold your company prisoner while extolling the current adventures of your animal’s adventures?

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Don’t come home a drinkin’…From the Heart Series

         It seems like I’ve been fixated as of late on drinking –as in me starting to drink.

It all began last weekend on the way home from a day at Madewood Plantation, where we attended a crawfish boil hosted by Ameriprise Financial. The Friday evening was spent at a family gathering at a local restaurant in honor on Hubby’s father’s birthday, where maybe half of his family actually acknowledged that I take up space. Then, on Saturday, just as we sat down to enjoy our boiled crawfish, we looked up just in time to see my ex sit down at the next table.

Knowing that on Sunday we were attending a meet and greet of oldest son, Joshua, in-laws-to-be, and we’d also have to deal with Hubby’s ex, I may have mentioned to Hubby I was going to have to start drinking in order to deal with the stress. It was either that or start taking drugs. I thought drinking would taste better.

Then, I really got on a roll. I told him I was going to be a loud, boisterous, happy, drunk. And, as if that weren’t enough, I was going to be a loud, boisterous, happy drunk who told people what she thought of them. By this time, I was absolutely pomaded (French for laughing), so much so that Hubby even started laughing (he doesn’t always laugh at my tirades.) I was so into character that I started a performance of just what a loud, boisterous, happy, drunk (aka me) would do. To try to recreate my antics in writing would be impossible. You’ll just have to use your imagination. It went a little like this:

“Hey! (insert name) You wanta know what I think of you?” (Laughing)


“Oh! Sure you do! I’m gonna tell you anyway! (Lots of laughing, loud, boisterous.) …

You sorta had to be there, but believe me, if Hubby was laughing, it must have been funny. I am an introvert so far off the chart that I fell off the chart. I rarely tell people what I’m thinking because I wouldn’t dare want to hurt someone’s feelings. So, that’s why I decided that I would be a loud, slaphappy, boisterous, drunk.

Then, yesterday, as I was adding Vermouth to a pasta dish I was making, I started wondering if I consume enough Vermouth in the guise of “deglazing” to be considered a drunk. Maybe I’ve already started drinking and I haven’t figured it out yet. This dish makes me happy. Ummm.

So…what about you? What is going to drive you to drinking in your life? (You know you can tell me.)


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Taking his name – Yay? or Nay?

Friendly Debates With The Danielle’s!

Happenings of the Harper Household

THIS WEEKS TOPIC Taking His Name? Yay or Nay? What do YOU say? MY OPINION?

I Say Yay.

I found a cool blog where they love having debates. When I saw their debate of the week I thought, hey, this is something I can relate to. Add to that, I love expressing my opinion and there is just no one around here most days for me to express that opinion to. Hubby is working and I think the dogs are a little bored with my incessant rambling.

I did take my Hubby’s last name. After all, I am very proud to be his wife and I want people to know that we are a unit. However, (you did know that was coming) Hubby’s brother is also married to a Donna. It does provide situations where we are being introduced to become a little comedic at times. Just the other night, when Hubby’s band was playing and someone came up to introduce themselves to us, I said, “I’m Donna Theriot” and the other DT followed with, “I’m Donna Theriot”. The look on the person’s face was one of confusion and then plain bafflement (it was funny. People just sort of stand there with their mouths open until the brain kicks back in.) When no explanation was forthcoming, only laughter, she introduced herself to the next person, who fortunately for her, did not say, “I’m Donna Theriot”. The scenario reminded me a little of that old game show where three people introduced themselves as the same person and then the contestant had to figure out who was the “real” person. The name somehow escapes me at the moment (I think I’ll be having many more of those moments as I get older.)

Any hoo, I’ve digressed as we Southerners are infamous for. I have Hubby’s name, but I also kept my own. I was married before and I felt I had lost my identity, so I decided to keep my own name this time around. I am always Mrs. Theriot first and foremost, but my name is Donna McBroom-Theriot.

So….I say Yay!

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