New email phishing chip & PIN scam: don’t bite.

New email phishing chip & PIN scam: don’t bite.

Remember the credit cards you recently had to get replaced for chip-and-PIN-enabled ones? While the new cards you got in the mail are still safer than the old ones you (hopefully) shredded, some thieves have caught up. Here’s how to keep your information safe.

Email phishing…

Email phishing has been part of the identity theft and fraud playbook for some time. You’ll get an official-looking email from an official-sounding sender (think IRS, credit card company, bank) asking to verify some aspect of your account for some important reason.

…meet Chip-and-PIN.

Replacing all those credit cards was a big deal requiring millions of mailings and customer-service phone calls. Enter email phishing scammers pretending to be from your credit card company or bank.

Why this wave of scams may be worse.

Simply put, the thieves are getting better at design. Today’s phishing emails often come with very realistic-looking company logos, more-closely-matching colors/branding and well-laid-out content.

Don’ts and dos.

The main advice for phishing emails remains the same: don’t click on links asking for your personal information. Ever. Assume banks and credit card companies won’t ask you to part with personal information through an email. If you get an email from a financial institution, pick up the phone and call the number on the back of your card.
If you do happen to click on a link (everybody’s human!) or just want some extra peace of mind, TransUnion® can help. With our Credit Lock, you can lock thieves out of your TransUnion credit report with a single touch. When your report’s locked, nobody else can use it to apply for credit in your name.


Good advice from Transunion.

3 precautions to take in the app store

I’m sort of known as the app queen. I love looking for apps that promise to keep you organized (even though it’s difficult to help an already organized person.) It’s an obsession, and one that can get you into more trouble than you bargained for – if you don’t protect yourself. There are loads of viruses and other maladies out there, so, before you download, put these practical protection practices in place from Transunion.

Apps are everywhere. And so are app stores. Whether it’s Google Play or iTunes, Amazon or Samsung, there are so many choices and so much to try. Though app stores make efforts to weed out the bad apps — ones phishing for personal information, installing viruses/malware, or otherwise engaging in criminal behavior — risks may remain. So before you download new apps, consider these 3 precautions.

Stick with familiar brands.

Exploring new apps isn’t just a great way to, well, find new apps. It’s also a great way to discover new companies, services, entertainment sources, media, games and the like. But if you haven’t heard of the company listed as the maker of an app, pay extra careful attention.

Read the descriptions.

Another thing you can do, whether or not an app’s brand is familiar to you, is to carefully read the app description. If it’s written in broken English or has spelling errors and typos, that’s a major red flag.

When in doubt, start at the site.

If you’re not sure whether an app is the real one produced by a brand you’re already familiar with, consider going to that brand’s website first. Often, brands will include buttons for direct links to app store sites leading right to their app’s page. What to do if you’re still in doubt about an app? As with websites, emails and a whole host areas, it’s safest not to chance it and simply go without.

Enjoy a safe holiday!

Seems like a duplication! And a little Stash…

For those of you wishing to enter into the giveaway that went live today, you’ll see I posted twice! Those things happen sometimes. I’ve deleted the old post, which did not have the rafflecopter. There are good prizes so I hope you’ll take the time to hop around and enter!

Meanwhile, I found this new site called stash. I really want to try it, but there seems to be a waiting list. Ummmm. Not so good for the impatient type such as me. However! If 10 people click on the link and visit to see what it is all about, I can get in sooner. So, guess what? I’m posting the link. I know. How sad of me. lol It’s just that I love reading things and storing them for later access. I’m a Premium Evernote user for goodness sake! I love that app. And I must say, my filing drawer is stuffed to the gills with my “savings.” I also use Pocket for saving articles, kind of spreading the wealth around, but Stash actually categorizes the things you save. So here is the app if you want to click through and watch the little video. I promise that it is painless and only lasts a couple of seconds. Thanks!! –

Stash link –

Dashlane – one of my favorite apps – 6 months FREE Premium

Does anyone use Dashlane? I absolutely love this app. It will choose safe passwords for me and the best thing is, the only password I need to remember is my password to Dashlane. Dashlane will also autocomplete forms on the computer when needed. I am such a fan that I am a Premium user, but there is a free version.

This is not a sales pitch, but if you use my referral code, YOU can receive six months of Premium Dashlane for FREE! How great is that! Here’s the code –  When I first wrote this post I had no idea about the code. Imagine my surprise when I received an email from them thanking me for my post and letting me know about the code. That just seals the deal! I love Dashlane!

dashlane 2

Not only can you choose and store all of your passwords with Dashlane, but also your credit card information for shopping, your online receipts (automatically), and ID information. Dashlane will also let me know if a password I have chosen is not safe. It reminds me every few months to change my passwords.

Another great feature of Dashlane is the ability to sync across all of my devices – MacBook, iPhone, and my PC. My passwords are encrypted with some of the world’s strongest technology and can only be encrypted on devices that I personally approve. Dashlane will also monitor my passwords and let me know if I have used a certain password on more than one site and advises me to change the password. I can also check to see when I last visited a site and decide if I should delete the information from my account if it is no longer relevant.

dashlane 4

These are a few of the reasons I am so fond of Dashlane Premium –

  • Unlimited sync: Sync passwords automatically across all of your devices – phones, tablets, laptops and more.
  • Secure cloud backup: Easily restore your Dashlane account if you ever lose a device.
  • 24/7 web access: Don’t have your device but need access to your passwords? No problem! Access your passwords anytime on the Dashlane website.
  • Share unlimited passwords and notes: A customer favorite! Share passwords securely with family members, coworkers, or friends. Watch our video to find out more!
  • Priority user support at Run into a problem? Email us. We’re here to help.

dashlane 3

I have been a user of Dashlane for several years and been extremely pleased with the product. I would love to know if you are a Dashlane user and your thoughts on the app.

dashlane 1

You can find more information here –


Disclaimer – This is not a sponsored post. The opinions are my own and I can only recommend this product based on my own use and experience. I will only recommend products that I have used and think that my followers may benefit from. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”



iPhone – have you locked out your emergency contact?

I am a person who always seem to be one step ahead; as in never in the current moment! I see the big picture. I think ahead. I am normally prepared for most things that may never happen. So it should come as no surprise to anyone that knows me, I have an app that created a lock screen photo that contains my emergency information because goodness knows I have nightmares about someone making decisions for me that should not be. That is why I am sharing an app that I just downloaded to my iPhone; an app that will allow emergency personnel to contact your designated emergency person even with your phone locked – and my phone is always locked.

Even before I came across this app, I had as my screen saver a picture of me (“Hey, look! That lady forgot her phone!) and a notation that if my phone was found (if lost) to call a certain number (my hubby’s phone). That information alone would help to identify me and give a contact name and number in case of an emergency.

Provided you know how to access the Medical ID on a locked iPhone, you can also access pertinent information via swiping the locked screen. Having the information on the screen is a sure thing. You know – so someone you do not want making decisions for you doesn’t.

This new app, “ICE” (In Case of Emergency) is a great app. If I remember correctly, the cost was $1.99.  It was easy to set up – I did it in a matter of minutes (it took me that long because I kept pressing the wrong buttons). It has my hubby’s name and phone number to contact in case of emergency. It also has my photo and my medical information that I considered to be important – my blood disorders, blood type, and allergies. It is all saved very prettily on my locked screen. No worries that my phone contacts (and how would a police officer know who to call if he doesn’t know who I am) cannot be accessed.

ice app

There are a number of other apps on the market (for all phones), some for free, but this is the one that appealed to me. It is the complete package and well worth the $1.99.

You can also achieve this effect by using a photo of your own choosing and an app that allows you to put a message on the photo. Just be careful that the information is not obscured by the date and time and it contains the information you deem important.

I would love to hear your input on this topic. Do you use an iPhone (or other) and have you taken any steps to help emergency personnel to identify you, and to be able to contact your emergency person?

One last bit of information – you can add more than one contact person to the screen.

Just leave your comments and thoughts in the comment section! Thanks!

Comparison between the Zink hAppy and LG pocket printer and Do we ever use a bag for it's original purpose?

My answer would have to be no.  I am always multi-purposing bags.Image (2) These two pictures are perfect examples. Both were originally intended to be cosmetic bags. I, of course, found better uses. The green bag is an Orla Kiely bag from Target. I love her products and actually do have one of her cosmetic cases that does in fact house my cosmetics. This green bag, however, was the perfect size for my Zink hAppy printer. There are two zip compartments on this bag. One that is about 1.5″ in depth on top and then the larger bottom compartment. The top houses the recharging cord perfectly. The bottom compartment houses the Zink hAppy and two of the 2″ wide rolls of film. The case will protect them while traveling. (The extra little photo at the upper right is a thank you note that I recently sent to someone who so thoughtfully gave me a plant. No one really wants to ask the recipient exactly what the florist sent, but at the same time, you’d like to know that it was as nice as what was described. This is when one of the little printers comes in handy. I snapped an photo and added some thank you text to the it and printed it. I then adhered it to stationary and mailed it. This would be especially nice to do for those holiday gifts that were mailed to you or your child.) Image (4)The second photo shows a little bag I purchased from Talbots online this fall. I love the pink and blue combination; very feminine. It is just large enough to house the LG photo printer and its charging cord. It also has space to add a pack of extra film. While the Zink hAppy is much to large and bulky to tote around on a daily basis, this handy little LG is the perfect size to tuck into my tote bag. While I enjoy using both products, I have to admit that I like the convenience of the LG’s size. Both products offer several of the same amenities: collage of photos and adding text. The LG offers printing with adhesive and non-adhesive backing, while the Zink hAppy prints on sticker paper. Both products use the same type of film. A cool feature of the Zink hAppy is the ability to print a long stream of photos rather than individual photos. I like to take the strip to my desk and peel and stick the photos. They stay in order and the strip prints much quicker than the individual pictures from the LG. I keep a travel journal and using the printers allow me to print and stick my photos alongside my commentary of the trip. I use an iPhone 5 and each printer has its own app that makes printing a snap. The Zink hAppy communicates via wireless and the LG uses Bluetooth. The Zink hAppy allows you the option of printing using several different size widths from 1/2″ up to 2″ and I think up to 18″ long. You can also make a banner using this device. When printing from my phone’s photo album I was actually able to print a number of photos without stopping. The photos are automatically clipped so when I cut the long thread, all I need to do is peel each individual print off of the backing and place it on my book pages. These are options not offered by the LG. Your prints are 2×3″. The quality of the printers is actually amazing for little printers. The photos from each of these two devices is comparable, although the Zink hAppy does a slightly better job, so either would be a good purchase. Both use Zero ink technology. The prices are comparable. The Zink hAppy did cost more because I purchased a battery so I did not have to rely on plugging the device in. The print paper is approximately the same for both. The packages contain different amounts of film. The jury is still out on the LG battery life. The Zink hAppy’s battery life last a very long time. I’m not sure if I charged the internal battery on the LG long enough – the light was green – or if it died quickly. The instructions are in another language with no English offered so I’m figuring out this printer with no help. It also does not have a designated on/off button per say; the Zink hAppy does. You definitely know when the printer is on and off. *Note here – I just watched several You-Tube videos on this little stinker and it turns out the little lock/unlock button on the side is the on/off. I thought it meant that the device locked to insure the lid did not open. *July 18, 2015 – after using both devices for many months, I can definitely say that I feel the hAppy prints a better quality photo and the battery life far exceeds that of the LG printer. My recommendation if I were to only purchase one would be the Zink hAppy. The Zink hAppy can be dressed up with different colored skins (purchased separately). The LG comes in white, yellow, and pink. I purchased both of these products and the above opinions are my own. If you have questions, please comment below and I’ll try to answer them from my own experience. I purchased my printers from Amazon. These are the links. ZINK hAppy Smart App Printer ZINK 2 inch zRoll ZINK hAppy Rechargeable Battery LG PoPo Pocket Photo 2 PD239 Zink Media Photo Paper My Life. One Story at a Time. is an Amazon advertising affiliate; a small fee is earned when purchases are made at Amazon through the link above. My opinions are my own. This provided in accordance with the FTC 16 CFR, Part 55.