You’d think we’d pray…

“I have given her in marriage to seven men, all of whom were kinsmen of ours, and all died on the very night they approached her.” – Tobit 7:11

If you were marrying someone whose previous husbands all died on their wedding nights, what would you do? You’d think you’d pray, but obviously, none of the dead husbands thought of that.

You’d think we’d pray at the time of death. However, this is an unprecedented time of death, when millions of babies are aborted surgically and chemically each year in our country alone. Yet how many Christians are praying that much?

You’d think we’d pray in time of war. Yet aren’t we in the ultimate war between Christ and the anti-Christ, between the Gospel of life and the “culture of death”?

You’d think we’d pray when times get hard and the going gets tough. How hard does life have to be for us to pray? Isn’t it hard enough?

You’d think we’d pray when Jesus, God Himself, commanded us to pray always (Lk 18:1). Let’s obey Him and pray accordingly.

You’d think we’d pray, knowing we could go to heaven or go to hell, to Jesus or Satan…

This was taken from the book, One Bread, One Body, June 8, 2017

The humbling effects of Alzheimer’s and other ramblings…

We go to the local nursing home each Sunday morning for the Rosary and a little music; and when Hubby is in the mood or inspired, a little preaching. This morning was no exception. There are, as you would expect, many residents there with Alzheimer’s. One elderly woman, in particular, was a bank manager during her life, or so I’ve been told. She was obviously quite intelligent.

I do not know of her temperament before Alzheimer’s set in, but she is a pleasant little lady in the here and now. She often shows up with her rosary around her neck and recites the prayers a little off tempo, which is fine with me. We are there for the residents and not ourselves, which is something that I think people tend to forget at times.

I think she may have passed another milestone in the disease as this morning, instead of parking her wheelchair and joining in, she proclaimed, quite loudly and many times, that she remembered the prayers and that she remembered her momma saying those prayers. In her childlikeness, she was so innocent and excited that she was hearing prayers that her momma recited when she was a child. And, quite predictable, the first worker who went through the room was grabbed and asked to remove the lady.

I was torn between relief and sadness. We are there, after all, for the residents so maybe she should have been allowed to stay. Then again, I think a resident or two may have shushed her, and they have a right to not be disturbed while praying. It is such a delicate balance between right and wrong. It is not just a humbling experience for the person suffering from Alzheimer’s, but also for the people around that person. Sometimes, we may need to just smile and nod, and hope that if we are one day in a place similar to hers, someone will be kind enough to nod to us. 

And…that is my two cents for today! Have you had any experience with someone suffering from Alzheimer’s? Have a Happy Sunday!

Yep, I'm going there. Let's talk Politics

I am like most people I think, disgusted by what is playing out on television in the name of politics. Neither candidate is worth much as a person in some areas in my opinion. As a Christian, I can’t bring myself to end that sentence with “as a person” so as I said – some areas.

That aside, it is difficult to sometimes figure out where the candidates stand on issues with the bias reporting. For many people, the television news media is the only source of information, and to have such biases in their reporting is an injustice to those of us watching. There are several news anchors that I have enjoyed listening to the last few years. I think most people have a favorite station. But, watching them debunk the debates and listening to their clearly biased opinions has changed my mind about them. Like so many others, I am disappointed in the media. What right does the media have to determine what information is shared with the public and what is not relevant? When information about Trump comes to light, they hammer it home, but it doesn’t take a genius to know that the harder they hammer, the more they are trying to hide something about Hillary that balances the scales.

One friend had this to say and I agree with her: “We no longer have a democratic republic in this country. It is a dictatorship and the press is the dictator.”

One of the news anchors I am disappointed in is Savannah Guthrie. I loved watching her on the Today Show. But I’ve heard her animosity and watch the disgust on her face as she dissects Trump, not Clinton. She is like a dog with a bone (as many others are.) I used her as an example because when you watch someone on a live show, you get to know them, their voices, their faces, and you notice the change in their demeanor.

I am also tired of both candidates dancing around the issues. I’d like to hear specifics. Don’t tell me you are going to lower my taxes – tell me how. Don’t tell me you’ll create new jobs – tell me how.

I would have liked to submit a question to the candidates for the debate Sunday night. In Southern Louisiana, there are hundreds of boats tied up due to lack of work. Each out of work boat means out of work employees. Each out of work employee means a family is suffering. What exactly are you going to do to put the people of Southern Louisiana back to work?

Many trawlers in Southern Louisiana have tied up their boats and gone home. With the import of foreign shrimp, the catch will not pay for the fuel. Out of work boats mean out of work people. Out of work people means the families are suffering. What exactly are you going to do to put the people of Southern Louisiana back to work?

Truckers have parked their rigs. With the oilfield shutting down, there is no work. Parked rigs mean out of work truckers. Out of work truckers means no income. No income means families are suffering. What exactly are you going to do to put the people of Southern Louisiana back to work?

This is true for all of the Gulf States. Each of the fifty states has its own similar story. What exactly are you going to do to put the people of the United States back to work? I don’t want to hear your promises of “I’ll create jobs.” I want to know exactly what you will do.

There is an article at the end of my post from the New York Post about the unemployment in the Southern states.

And then, there are the Trump tapes. I do not condone anything Trump said on that tape. We all know he’s obnoxious and we should all know he’s mostly all talk and no action. Men talk “locker room” banter. It’s ugly. It’s obnoxious. It’s filthy. That’s what they do. So long it does not affect his work it is what it is. Now, before you crucify me for saying that, Hillary has spewed the same like filth. She’s made derogatory remarks and name-called the women her husband has been involved with. Same difference in my opinion. They are both in the wrong. If you want to crucify Trump, do equal time with Hillary. And, by the way, I could name friends who engage in locker room talk as well. Women are just as guilty. We just don’t tape each other.

I watched a documentary before the debates that ended up being a real eye-opener. It chronicled their childhood through present day. If I can find a link to the documentary, I’ll post it. It was a great prelude to the debate.

Hillary is all over Trump about the taxes he didn’t pay when in fact she has done the same thing. I don’t know about you, but that’s why we hire an accountant – to find the loopholes and help us get back what we can. It is what all business people do and Trump was smart to use the loopholes (that she failed to have closed as a Senator). To be honest about it, HE didn’t use the loopholes; his accountant found and used them. He still paid other taxes and kept people employed. Show me another businessman who hasn’t employed the same tax benefits.

Trump’s biggest problems seem to be his potty locker room mouth and his tax evasion, neither of which is against the law. On the other hand, Wikileaks has uncovered things that Hillary has done, but the media has ignored them. Hillary sold our uranium rights to Russia. She destroyed 33,000 emails, some of which were about Benghazi needing more security, which she ignored and look what happened. Look what she did to Bernie Sanders. She wants to tell the public one thing and Wall Street another. She has a vicious temper which has been documented. She treated the women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault like common criminals. Her own husband was barred from practicing law and was almost impeached. He disgraced the White House and our country. That may not have been her, but she was right there cleaning up his messes to further her own agenda. Hillary wants open borders, no more good ole USA.

We have serious vetting issues for people entering the United States. We do need to close our borders – to those who do not share our beliefs, to criminals, to those whose countries will not take them back. Trade agreements need to be renegotiated. When 14 out of 28 countries that the US has agreements with do not accept products from the US, there is something wrong. Trade agreements should be fair to all parties involved. It’s common sense.

Next up is her stance on abortion. That, for me, is an issue. I am a Catholic and against abortion. Your can comment with all of your reasons where you may feel abortion is acceptable. Don’t bother. To me, each child is a creation of God, and no reason is acceptable. To elect someone who wants to uphold Roe-V-Wade is unacceptable. She is pushing immorality on our country. She wants us to change our views and to pay for abortions. That would be dictatorship. Her choices for the Supreme Court are as liberal as you can get. In a time where our country has forgotten God, we need to bring God back into our lives, into our schools, into the lives of our young, who will one day be running this country.

Dr. Lance Wallnau said something today that was quite interesting. God has humbled Trump. We witnessed him apologize, something he has never done, and he apologized to the country. He had to acknowledge something unsavory that he did yet people have not looked at it this way. I didn’t until I heard this. It’s something to think about. I’ve yet to hear Hillary apologize for anything. Humbling is just that, being made humble. If you have ever been humbled, you know it changed you for the better. It was a blessing from God. Trump has never apologized to anyone for anything, yet look what he did. The media is all over the apology like white on rice, dissecting it. Why does the media accept Bill Clinton’s apology and not Trumps?

The media has been all over Trump’s demeanor at the debate. There are photos of menacing looks, which I find funny, and some media reported it looked like he was stalking Hillary. Is there nothing important that needs to be reported? The man has a serious face. The pictures posted today didn’t show any different a man than any other picture of him. But, the captions the media gave to them changed the perception of his seriousness. How sad. I noticed the media didn’t pick up on Hillary’s new fake smile and her little chuckle whenever Trump answers questions. If Trump is menacing, Hillary is evil.

I came across an interview with Ben Carson. He had this to say about the debate. “I’m not seeing anything that I didn’t totally expect,” Carson said Saturday during an interview with Newsmax. “The political class and the media has to make this about Donald Trump. They cannot make this about the issues.”

Carson said the fact the tape was leaked at the same time WikiLeaks exposed damaging comments made by Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton in closed-door speeches is more than a coincidence. “They’re getting desperate because they’re seeing the crowds that Trump is attracting. They see the enthusiasm gap between the candidates and they know how that’s going to translate on Election Day. Their goal is now is to dribble out all of these things like this tape,” said Carson, who added, “This won’t be the last thing, by the way.”

He said the flood of Republican denunciations since the tape came out shows the success of the tactic.

“They’ve been waiting to drop these things out periodically because for one thing, this Hillary open borders thing came out. This is obscuring that.”

Carson said the election is not a referendum on Trump or Clinton, but about the “direction of the country.”

“It’s about the elites and the status quo being desperate to maintain their position and this direction versus a change in direction that’s desperately needed,” he said.

From –

We have two unsavory characters running for the most important office in our country and we have no one to blame but ourselves. In the beginning, there were a few good candidates. Enough of us didn’t vote for those candidates. Now, it is up to us to choose who we think will bring back our country. I do agree with Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great again.” I think we can if we vote the issues and not the character of the candidates. If I thought it would work, I’d vote third party, but I think we all know that’s not going to work. For me, it boils down to mostly one thing, I cannot vote for someone whose platform is pro-abortion. At the end of my life, when I stand before God to be judged, voting for abortion will not be one of the sins on my list. Will it be one of yours?

This will be my one and only post on politics.

Wall Street Journal April 2015

In March, Lafayette, La., Houma-Thibodaux, La., and Odessa, Texas, had the largest year-over-year decreases in payroll jobs, losing nearly 20,000 jobs between them. The areas with the largest percentage decreases in employment were Casper, Wyo., Houma-Thibodaux, and Odessa, which each saw employment fall by 5.3% or more.

Nationwide, employment in mining and related support activities has fallen by 185,000 since its peak in September 2014 through March, according to the Labor Department.

Mr. Muro said the job loss was likely to continue. He pointed to research showing the correlation between actively operating oil rigs and employment. One study found that removing an active rig eliminates 28 jobs in the near-term, followed by another 171 jobs over the long run.

“The shutdown of rigs is a good predictor of job impacts, and that has really accelerated in the past couple of months,” he said. “We could anticipate further unemployment  in a bunch of markets in the energy patch.”

He also mentioned the slowdown in global trade as another factor depressing employment and causing layoffs in areas heavily reliant on manufacturing. In March, Gary, Ind.—famous for its steel mills—had the highest unemployment rate of any of 38 metropolitan divisions, at 7.5%. (A division is an area that essentially counts as its own employment center.) The manufacturing industry shed 47,000 jobs in February and March, according to the Labor Department.

That’s not to say things aren’t going swimmingly in some parts of the country. Ten areas still had 3% or lower jobless rates in March—although that’s a sharp fall from December’s 25 areas with 3% or lower unemployment.

A mess…what else would you call it?


First published June 12, 2010

    With life in the bayou country still feeling the strain from the effects of Hurricane Katrina and another hurricane season upon us, an oil spill was the last thought on anyone’s mind, but here we are.

     With mandated hurricane flood insurance premiums rising at a rate unforeseen, many residents in the southern part of the parish have lost their homes, not because they could not afford the mortgage payments, but due to the insurance payments rivaling the monthly mortgage note. With the oil spill invading the shores and an already sagging economy and precarious livelihood, more devastation is headed our way.

     One of the largest tax-paying companies in South Lafourche has already lost millions due to the oil spill. Layoffs are on the horizon, not only for this company but other taxpaying companies as well. With the parish currently hurting from a slowing economy, we will no doubt be seeing more people lose their jobs and homes.

     This disaster was further exasperated by BP and the Core of Engineers sitting on their hands after the Deepwater Horizon well blew in April of 2010. They wanted to “survey” instead of doing what made the most sense and that is, hiring the people indigenous to the area who do know how to protect themselves from disasters. These people would have gone into action mode and the infiltration of so much oil into our marshes and wetlands might not be so great.

      Our governor lost the opportunity to augment his popularity with his constituents when he failed to step up and authorize deficit spending instead of waiting around for British Petroleum or the federal government to fork over the needed funds to protect our coastline. Precious time was lost and the oil penetrated the shoreline of South Louisiana.

     The opposition against the current six-month moratorium instituted by President Obama has been criticized by people not directly affected or supported by the oil industry as South Louisiana is. Until the United States decides to look for and adapt alternative power sources we are dependent, as a country, on oil. Instituting a cessation on deepwater drilling may, in the long run, be even more devastating by causing additional dependency upon foreign oil.

     A deep Cajun heritage is also at stake. Underneath the illiterate and strange melodic dialect, lie self-educated men, who have been born and bred on the bayou. While formal education held little importance in the life of a trapper and fisherman, their learning was taught by the ebbing tide and the full moon, the hot blistery days and the frigid cold nights, the wind and the rain; their signature a mere “X” on the line but no less important than a name written in long hand. It is a unique education that life has presented to them. The oil spill will bring yet another lesson.

     The current status of the gulf oil spill, however, has had a snowball, ripple in the water effect. An economy still reeling from hurricane devastation is now contending with an oil spill of tremendous magnitude. Not only have the fishermen been affected but the net shops, ice houses, seafood sheds, fuel stations, restaurants, and the list goes on. This event will reshape our region as the hurricanes have continually reshaped our terrain. South Louisiana is a fishing industry and the effects will be determined only by time and Mother Nature. Our livelihoods are dying. Our way of life is dying. Our wildlife is dying. Our tourism, industry, and wildlife must co-exist. One depends upon the other’s success.


Tip of the Day – Do you use a Kindle or other e-reader? Don’t forget to delete all of those old books you’ve already read to make way for new books!

Hurricane Season or Oil Season?

First published June 2010

     It’s June 1, the day that marks the beginning of hurricane season; the day each year that brings back memories of the past. It is the day of expert opinions on how active the hurricane season will be, as though anyone could predict what Mother Nature has in mind.

     Yes, the hurricane season is officially upon us and there is an oil spill of great magnitude invading our shores and wetlands that when viewed from above resembles syrup blending with melted butter and slowly ebbing toward the edge of a pancake. Even the most minute of rain storms becomes devastating as the water currents stir up the oil and carry still more gallons of the deep dark crude further inland; a hurricane at this time would be tremendously devastating to the wildlife and the livelihood of so many South Louisiana inhabitants.

     The fishing industry of our homeland here in South Louisiana has been greatly affected by the negligence of an oil company, in this case British Petroleum (BP) Although the name of the company, in the realm of the big picture is no longer important, the careless disregard of human life remains unforgivable. As the fruitless efforts of BP to cap the runaway oil continue out in the recesses of the deep gulf waters, one only has to travel the highways and byways along the lazy southern bayous to put the puzzle pieces of the rippling oil spill picture in place.

     Business after business is void of the normal bustling activity that accompanies the May shrimp trawling season, a primary source of income for so many in the region. The net shops, normally working day and night to mend torn nets, have padlocked their doors. Dry docks situated along the bayou waterways are generally lined with boats awaiting their seasonal repairs, but now are showing signs of shutting down. Ice houses are no longer producing ice and seafood sheds have all but closed their doors as the oil continues to invade and make itself quietly at home in the fishing communities.

     Criminal investigations are claiming the news headlines as though it were a solution to the horrendous cruelty that a careless company has inflicted upon the Gulf of Mexico and surrounding coastal region. The once bustling communities of fishermen, shrimpers, and crabbers are laying quiescent, waiting as they watch their livelihood, the livelihood of their ancestors, disappear as the marshes and bayous are forever changed from those they remember navigating as children. And while the prospering oil company has promised to ease the pain by employing the locals to help with the clean-up, many wonder if life as they have known it will ever be theirs again.

     Not only has the livelihood of so many been disbursed, the boating slips at marinas that would normally be filled, now lay vacant, void of the raucous of holiday and weekend boaters. Swimmers at the park are no longer prey to the sea life with crabs pinching at toes, but instead have fallen prey to globs of oil swimming about chasing them back to shore as though the waters were infested with human devouring sharks.

     To the rest of the world, as they await the expert’s predictions rather than those of Mother Nature, it’s hurricane season; at least for the ensuing six months. To those in the bayou region, it’s oil season.

Not all dogs are good. Not all dogs are bad.

Example – Ryka and Calypso are examples of good dogs. Our Big Dog mower is an example of a pretty good dog. But, what this post is about is not the mower itself (although it brought about this post because it had a tire that wouldn’t hold air) but about the hoops we had to jump through to get service with this brand.

photo 1 (1)


We purchased the mower about a year and a half ago after looking over a lot of mowers. Believe me, Hubby doesn’t purchase anything without going over every aspect of something and then finding the best price. Not saying that isn’t a good quality, just a frustrating one to someone who has zero attention span – and I was an unwilling participant in most of these expeditions.

Since Hubby had purchased a previous Big Dog mower from Leger’s in Cut Off, Louisiana (and yes, I’m naming names!) and has not had any trouble with the mower, we also checked out the smaller Big Dog mowers for our personal property. The owner couldn’t brag enough about his great service and after test-driving a mower (I was not on board with a zero-turn mower – if you read my blog, you know I tend to run over things with a normal mower and I sort of liked knowing that I had an engine between me and whatever I inevitably hit and I pictured myself hitting something and flying off of the zero-turn. Did I mention I also sport an active imagination? but back to the story) we decided to purchase our mower from Leger’s. When we left he was still bragging about his wonderful service and we were thinking we made a good deal.
photo 2 (1)After the winter season, we pulled our mower back out for cutting grass. Hubby noticed one of the front tires was low and put air in it. He also check the other tires and the oil, etc. and the mower was ready for use. After a couple of weeks, I noticed that the tire was low again. We aired up the tire (is that correct) and off I went. This became a routine so Hubby called Leger’s. Remember the great service he kept reminding us about? That didn’t go so well.

Hubby told him the tire was not holding air and there seemed to be a leak around the seal. His answer was that the mower was out of warranty (which it wasn’t) and there was nothing he could do about it. We were in touch with him a few times and after a few weeks of back and forth, the mower was out of warranty. He told us the company would not work with us. This went on for a another few days.

In doing research on how to contact the company, I came across some interesting information. There is NO phone number on their site. Nadda. Nothing. You can leave an email message, which I did. It took a while before I received a response. Meanwhile, I was at a loss and then I thought – everyone has a Facebook page! Sure enough, Big Dog had a page so I also sent a message via Facebook.

I received a response back and someone contacted my husband – while he was on a boat and couldn’t hear. The rep didn’t seem to care and kept talking. Hubby was more than a little upset. I messaged again and we finally connected with someone who was willing to help.

The initial contact with Big Dog began on May 21st. On May 24th, I was told that our contact information had been sent to the territory rep and he would be contacting us.

On June 1st I contacted Big Dog and let them know that the rep had not yet contacted us and would they please follow up. We were told someone would contact us the next day.

The rep contacted us and after all of the back and forth, phone calls and messaging, we were told a new tire assembly was being sent out. Two weeks passed and we received nothing.

On June 17th, I contacted Big Dog again. I was told that Leger’s had been contacted and they would be supplying the tire and had we been in contact with them.

On June 18th, I messaged Big Dog that my husband had been told that the wheel assemblies would be shipped directly to our house and that he had spoken to two Big Dog reps, Ken and Johnathan, and it was Ken that told him the assemblies would be shipped to our house. When my husband spoke with Leger’s, they told him they knew nothing about the deal. I asked them to explain what was going on.

I received a message asking for our shipping address so the distributor could ship the tire assemblies to our home. No explanation on the run around.

We were then told that the distributor was supposed to have shipped out the assemblies and had dropped the ball and he was waiting to hear back from them on a delivery date, which he would forward to me. (Someone please remind me not to “drop” $5,000 down on a Big Dog again.) He thanked me for my patience. Patience? Did I have a choice in the matter? No. If I could have shaken someone by this time, I would have.

On June 22nd, we received a package, a very heavy package which the substitute (poor sub) of a UPS man tossed over the fence to me with no warning as to the heaviness of the package, but that’s another issue. Problem #1 – two tires, wrong size. Problem #2 – used dirty tires.

I messaged the Big Dog rep again and sent pictures and asked him if he was in charge or was there someone else I needed to speak to.

These were the “new” tires we received. They were not new. They were used. They were dirty used tires. They were tires with no threads. They were tires with grass stuck to them. Really?!
11352253_10205615107411338_805378392_n 11655484_10205615107531341_1401502650_n 11650828_10205615107851349_1041213942_n 11652067_10205615107931351_539628506_n 11541228_10205615108051354_902321588_n

We finally received the correct tire (and it was a used tire). Since it fit, we kept it. They also included a return shipping label for the previous tires they sent. I had not opened the mailing label, but had the box all ready to go when USP stopped by. Not realizing this, Hubby grabbed the box and handed it off to the driver. Imagine my confusion a few days later when we received a second box from Big Dog. When I opened the box, I found that the tires looked quite familiar. Turns out they were!

You just know this had to have a Lucy story somewhere in it. I thought it was so funny and I can’t possibly describe how long and how hard I laughed. Icing on the cake! The more I laughed, the madder it made sweet Hubby. He didn’t think it was funny. That made me laugh even more.

The first tires got mailed off and I received yet another message from Big Dog apologising for all of the trouble we had and they wanted to send us a token – some Big Dog gear – translation – a t-shirt. Yep! That was funny too. We never did receive the t-shirt. That’s not funny, just plain sad.

This entire fiasco took place over the course of two months. My opinion on the Big Dog mower – it’s a good mower and I would recommend it. We have two different sizes and we are pleased with the overall performance of both. They are comfortable, maneuver easily, do a great job cutting the grass, and have the power needed to do the job.

BUT, and it is a very HUGE BUT, I would make sure that the dealer I purchased the mower from lived up to his promises. We have since spoken to different people. It is almost a trend that if you have money, you get good service. If you are willing to fight and have the time and intelligence and the persistence to do so, you will get results. If not, be careful who you purchase from. We have located another dealer not much further away, and someone we have done business with and were pleased, and plan on dealing with him should the need arise.

I will reiterate that you need to deal with a reputable dealer because should you need to take the problem further, it is difficult. You must rely on Facebook messaging and emailing from the site and hoping that someone calls you. There is no number for complaints or for information. However, I have phone numbers so if you have problems I’ll be happy to share.

I think I’ll go and check the mail. Never know if that t-shirt will show up.

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