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 I am including a response that I received on one of my book reviews. It was written by someone that I admire and her words speak about what I attempt to do when I write a book review. She gets it. Thank you Carmen.

 I always enjoy your reviews, Donna, because you tell me why or why you didn’t like the book without summarizing the entire book or giving away any details. As a reader, that’s all I want to know: why did you like the book. 🙂 Thank you very much for taking the time to review.

Carmen DeSousa



I was incredibly moved by your review (if review is even the word to use in this case).  You reflecting on your own experience of that day and your connection to New York now touched me deeply.  I’m about to cry as I recall you writing that you now know the streets and other things that I mention in the book.  You did the book, myself and the memory of that day a great service with your “review.”  Your words do show that you were touched my the book and that, in turn, means so much to me.  Thank you.

Artie Van Why

Author – That Day in September


 “First and foremost, thank you, Donna, for taking a chance on a brand new author.  There are a lot of romance writers out there, but not so many book reviewers who are interested in someone they have never heard of.  You’re thorough, insightful, and I believe have a unique way of reviewing for the readers and not just for the sake of reviewing.

 As a reader, there have been many times where I wanted to read a fresh voice, but I’d already read through all my friends recommendations.  Having a reviewer like you who takes the time out of a hectic schedule to share her thoughts on new works, even to the extent of quoting favorite passages is amazing to me.  As a recipient of a 5-star review, I’m of course thrilled as an author.  I’m following your blog myself for new recommendations, and hope to share my next book with your followers in the future.  Thank you again!”

 Eden Carson

Author – Untamed Journey


 I can’t say enough kind words about Donna.  My book, “It’s Nothing Personal” is unique in that the motivation for the story came from a nationally publicized scandal.  Donna not only gave me a thorough, honest, and detailed review, but she was truly interested in the story behind the story.  After living through such an awful ordeal, I can’t express how much it meant to me that she cared so deeply.  It was cathartic to have the opportunity to tell her my side.  Her reviews should absolutely be trusted (and I’m not just saying that because she liked my book).  She is thorough, fair, thoughtful, intelligent and insightful.  I wish Donna only the very best in life, and I’m so fortunate to have had the chance to connect with her.


 Sherry Gorman, MD (pen name Kate O’Reilley)


 Mike – on book review for The Golden Sky


You did such a fine job with this review, I almost think you should be a biographer.

You put your feelings so nicely into the review that it’s a pleasure to read.

 Michael A. Draper

Author – Splattered Blood


Donna, I was so pleased to read your blog, and I’d like to use it as a learning point for authors, so they can realize and recognize what goes into a serious book review. You are a professional reviewer, who I have found to be thorough and thoughtful with your verbage. As you know, I think the world of reviewers, and I hope your post will help spread that respect to many others.
Thank you for sharing your world of reviewing with us.


Melissa Foster

Author – Chasing AmandaMegan’s WayCome Back to Me


        When I originally queried Donna for the review spot back in September, I talked to her about her handsome German Shepherds. I grew up with a German Shepherd mix; the breed has a special spot in my heart. Last night, long past when this post was due, after I made sure everyone else was on the ball, I quickly clicked the link to the blog I was scheduled to post on. I recognized it the minute I saw the flowers and polka dots. I scrolled down and spied those smiling pooches on the left side. Immediately, my heart felt light because by fate and luck of the draw, my book was going to be here. Here on My Life One Story At a Time. And I couldn’t be more grateful! I thought I had to wait until January!

        Thanks Donna, for all that you do, and please know that your blog is so uniquely designed, it stuck with me more than two months after my first glance.

 Elizabeth Ann West

Author – Cancelled


          Five Stars!  Donna, wow, I am bowled over!!  Thank you so much for your review and your time and the lovely, lovely feature on your blog. I love the quotes you have pulled out and the whole thing is just beautiful.

          I have to confess, when I read the opening line of your review, my heart sank… Oh my God, I thought, what have I overlooked now?  (For there are some spelling mistakes in there, invariably, and I am embarrassed… but).  And then I read on, and on, and what a beautiful comment you made.  I love the idea of uniting authors and readers from all over the world…

          I will post on my blog and Tweet and Facebook!  Yay! And look forward to the competition..

Donna, thanks so much for your time and for your support.  You have absolutely made my day!



Author – Sophie’s Turn


            “Donna has reviewed several of our books over the past year. Her reviews are always honest and informative. She also supports authors through hosting guest posts, interviews, participating in blog tours. She is pleasant  to work with and has been flexible when difficulties have arisen.” 

 Donna Huber

Marketing Director, The Writer’s Coffee Shop


            If you’ll excuse me, I feel the sudden urge to SQUEEL!!!! I know, I know, Heather thinks I’m a nut and she’s probably right. But I can’t help it. I get this way when a good review like yours sends me over the moon! 🙂

Again, many thanks, Donna!


~ Rebecca Sinclair

Author – Perfect Strangers


 Thank you Donna for being such a gracious host and taking time out of your busy schedule to host my guest blog, Are You Ready to Be a Writer and my book Captured Lies. I truly enjoy your blog and thank you for what you do for authors and readers. I look forward to working with you again.

 Maggie Thom

Author – Captured Lies


            WOW!Thank you for such a great review. I love where you compared it to The Help!.

Brenda Youngerman

Author – Disrupted Lives


             Donna, What an absolutely beautiful review! I’m thrilled that you spoke so highly of the story. It really is the story of my heart, so it is so exciting when others really get the story. Thank you so much.

 Anita Clenney

Author – Awaken the Highland Warrior


              “Donna is a seasoned and balanced book reviewer. She was a joy to work with during the reviewing process of my novel, Treasure Me, which appeared on her blog.”  

Christine Nolfi

Author – Treasure Me


Hello Donna,

Thanks so much for your great review of my wickedly funny cozy mysteryHot Chocolate. And thanks for highlighting the book quotes. I will have to try your hot chocolate recipe – sounds good!

Dawn Ireland

Author – Hot Chocolate 



 I know you have lots of choices in what books you decide to review and I’m happy that you choose mine.  As an author, reading reviews is nerve-wracking.  When I opened yours it was a true wowey moment ~ 5 stars.  Thank you for choosing Crazy in Paradise and I’m happy that you enjoyed my book.

 Have a great week ~

 Deborah Brown

Author – Crazy in Paradise