Buzz words for 2018 – do you have one?

When you read my post tomorrow, you’ll see where I get “buzz word” from – ok, I’ll give you a hint – it’s from spending too much time scrolling Facebook and Instagram, but that’s a time management issue! It seems to be the “thing”. Whether it is picking a meaningful spiritual word or a task word to focus on, everyone seems to be choosing a “word” for 2018.

I am choosing prioritize to be my task word for 2018 (I also chose a spiritual word – more on that later).  It’s the one thing, if you are honest, that all of us suffer from now and then (or lots!) – lack of prioritization.  Sometimes, all it takes is making a list and checking it twice – kind of like Santa.

Try sitting down at night and taking a look at your planner or calendar. Have you checked off all of your ToDos? Why not? Perhaps the list was too long? Perhaps it just didn’t make sense in the big scheme of things?

Make a list of all the things you would like to get done if your day was 50 hours long and you had no time constraints. Now, break that list down into categories. Is there anything that might be combined? Now, break those items in each category into those that will need a small amount of time and those that will take a large chunk of time to complete. When you complete this part, you should begin to feel less overwhelmed. What?! Less overwhelmed with this huge list in front me?! Yes! You now have a clear overview of what needs to be done, and your brain has been purged. Your poor brain can now take a nap!

The next step is to take a look at your calendar for upcoming days that have time available where you can fit a few of those tasks in without compromising the rest of your schedule. Maybe you can fit in one task a day? Or, maybe you have an afternoon to get started on that larger task. It is amazing how much a clean table or counter (that small task) will make a room look or just passing by your clean office (that larger task) will make you smile.

Let me know what you need help on and I’ll help with solutions. I hope this post was helpful and you’ll follow along as we prioritize in 2018!