How I use my planner to organize my life

I’ve mentioned before that I am a Planner Girl! I thought I would give those of you from the planner community a little tour of my planning system and how I stay organized.

I am currently using a Limelife personal size planner to keep myself organized. I am a lister and I have been successful at making any type of planner work for me; it is just a matter of what planner happens to catch my eye at the time. Size is also a huge factor in choosing a planner. I really need something I can toss into my back bag and take with me without loading it down with a lot of extra weight. It also has to be large enough to accommodate my enormous writing. Yep! I never outgrew kindergarten and those huge lines we learned to write on!

Before I go further, I need to confess that I sometimes switch it up between my Limelife and my traveler’s notebook set up. I love May Books and using all the books to organize and write in. The only problem with the setup is that I use an 8 x 5-inch book (4) and folders so it is a little bulky to be toting around on most days.

Getting back to being a lister – that is the reason I feel that I have been successful at making any type of planner work for me. I just simply transfer my listing over with minor adjustments depending on the planner setup.

In the Limelife personal planner (I chose a coil bound this year because it is simply the cutest thing I ever saw!) I love the month at a glance and the individual weekly pages. I was also able to add a folder and extra note and graph pages to the planner.

I use the monthly calendars to track all upcoming events. I have meetings and Hubby has meetings. He also has a band so we have no shortage of events and meetings to schedule. I am the task manager for everything. I do not allow him to schedule anything since the time he scheduled three things at the same time. I just looked at him and asked what were you thinking? Then, I put my foot down and made him repeat after me – “I have to check with my wife before I commit to …” It’s been a while and it seems to be working. Every now and then he has a slip but he has really been pretty good about checking with me first. No double bookings! This also means my planner HAS to be with me!

I have an Etsy shop and make little stickers and I will admit that I am probably my biggest fan as well! I use little .5-inch square stickers for everything! If it happens, it has a sticker.

These little stickers allow me to see at a glance what is scheduled for any particular day. I know a lot of people use only writing on their monthlies to make sure nothing gets missed. I have found that having just words doesn’t work well for me. The little book sticker tells me at a glance that a promo or book review is scheduled. The hair dryer lets me know a salon appointment is booked. The car reminds me that the insurance is coming due, and so on. I would have to read words whereas the pictures are quick. Also, all the words in a little space are chaotic for my brain. I am an INTJ and I like order and this system provides order for me. I am also a “picture” person and the little icons are my pictures.

I sit down at the end of the week (normally Saturday) and set up the upcoming week. I sometimes use sticky notes to move things around in upcoming weeks until it is time to assign them a date.

With the Limelife personal planner, I have a square for each day and two columns for listing. I use stickers and lines to delineate my different tasks. I have a phone call list and a task list in the columns as well as my cleaning tasks and medicine and exercise tracking.

I use clock stickers to draw attention to days where I need to be up and ready to leave the house and the little cars indicate travel to meetings, etc., a kitchen icon for the day I clean the kitchen, living room, etc.

Overall, it is a very simple system that I’ve devised over the years. It is the same system that I have used for thirty years with the recent addition of stickers.

I use a few listing stickers that I made to track my social media stats and I stick these in the back on the notes pages. They are out of sight but handy.

I sometimes use a Papermate flair (how can you resist the colors!) to write, but mostly I use erasable Frixion pens. I’ve never been partial to pencils, so these pens are the best of both worlds in my opinion.

I hope this post has been informative and if you have any questions, please post them and I’ll answer them. I would love to know if you are a planner and what system is working for you.

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