Is it Back-to-school already?

This post is sort of a public announcement. Our economy is not yet thriving and we all know that back-to-school means extra expenses for school uniforms and school supplies.

I would like to encourage anyone, who is able, to purchase an extra notebook or two or a box of crayons, (something on the approved list) etc. along with your child’s school supplies, to please do so. There are so many people still out of work and I know the schools would appreciate any help in providing for the children. *A note here – please purchase from the school list as these are the items that the children need. 

I know this first hand as I spearhead school supply drives in my church parish and get to see and speak with teachers who are thankful for the extra supplies for these kids. Some kids sit in class with no pencil or paper for several days and it’s heartbreaking. It also makes me think – why doesn’t the child next to them offer a pencil and one piece of paper to this kid? We, as parents, need to teach our children to share and this is a place where they can be an example to other kids in doing what is right. That is what we did as kids.

I was a little late to the party one year and when I finally got supplies to the school counselor at the local junior high school, she almost hugged me (I’m not a hugger.) A couple of students had been checking back each day (this was about a week into school) for supplies. They sat in class for a WEEK without a pencil or paper. Do you remember how much information was thrown at us as kids in the first week of school? Can you imagine not having a pen or paper to keep up? Not having school supplies available could put a child behind for the entire year! I was in the office when one of those kids came in with a hopeful look on his face and asked if the “lady” had dropped off any supplies. That “lady” he was talking about was me! The look of joy on his face at having a simple pen and paper brought me to tears.

In speaking with the teachers of the elementary schools, children are not aware that they are not contributing as all supplies are normally put in communal bins. This helps in not allowing any child to be stigmatized by their situation; older kids are not so lucky and that is why I am doing this post. If we reach out and teach our kids to reach, we grow kindness in our kids.

I wanted to remind everyone once again, that if you are able to help, to please purchase items on the actual school lists as these are the only items that the schools will accept. I thank you in advance for all of these kids who may turn out to be our next great leaders – all because you helped when they needed someone to care.

I apologize for the soap box commentary. It was just something on my heart. Thank you for listening.

Please feel free to share!




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