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Drew Bishop has lost the love of his life. Eight-year-old Brooke has lost her mama. They think this is the worst thing that can ever happen… but they could be wrong.

When Drew’s wife is killed he is left with a traumatized daughter and an almost impossible work schedule. Trying his best to simply hang onto his sanity and his job, he is at a loss when Brooke claims the man who murdered her mama is coming back for her.

He needs a miracle, the kind of miracle that comes from the silver threads that connect one stranger to another. When a small stone of happiness is dropped onto his scale of life, Drew is offered a job transfer that brings him and his daughter to Burnsville.

During their stay at Memory House, Brooke meets a new friend and learns to overcome her fear. This new friend just might be able to turn Drew’s life around, that is if he’s willing to make time enough to meet her.

Silver Threads is available in all e-book formats and print.

Although Silver Threads is Book 5 in the Memory House Series, it can very easily be read as a stand-alone novel.


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From the Author – Betty Lee Crosby – Although it can hardly be considered ‘magic’ I do believe we are connected to one another in ways that we cannot possibly imagine. Often we shy away from the circumstances enabling us to make these connections, and we need of a small shove… as Drew Bishop does in this story.

I loved writing a story that imagines there actually is a keeper of life’s scale measuring out our joys and sorrows, balancing one to the other.

I hope you enjoy reading this book and if you wish to know more about the characters in Silver Threads or any of my other books, stop by for a visit at


My Review –

Silver Threads is a great book. I have to admit that the first part of the book I spent with tears streaming down my face, but the second part was all smiles. It is a sweet combination of sadness, humor, magic, and romance that will capture your heart. I loved all of the good characters and hated the not-s0-good ones. The good characters far out wayed the bad and they were all delightful. The Keeper of the Scales was a new concept to me and I loved how the author told the story of how our lives are intertwined by threads that sometimes keep the Keeper busy trying to balance our lives.

I can’t recommend this book enough. It was truly a delightful read.



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