The humbling effects of Alzheimer’s and other ramblings…

We go to the local nursing home each Sunday morning for the Rosary and a little music; and when Hubby is in the mood or inspired, a little preaching. This morning was no exception. There are, as you would expect, many residents there with Alzheimer’s. One elderly woman, in particular, was a bank manager during her life, or so I’ve been told. She was obviously quite intelligent.

I do not know of her temperament before Alzheimer’s set in, but she is a pleasant little lady in the here and now. She often shows up with her rosary around her neck and recites the prayers a little off tempo, which is fine with me. We are there for the residents and not ourselves, which is something that I think people tend to forget at times.

I think she may have passed another milestone in the disease as this morning, instead of parking her wheelchair and joining in, she proclaimed, quite loudly and many times, that she remembered the prayers and that she remembered her momma saying those prayers. In her childlikeness, she was so innocent and excited that she was hearing prayers that her momma recited when she was a child. And, quite predictable, the first worker who went through the room was grabbed and asked to remove the lady.

I was torn between relief and sadness. We are there, after all, for the residents so maybe she should have been allowed to stay. Then again, I think a resident or two may have shushed her, and they have a right to not be disturbed while praying. It is such a delicate balance between right and wrong. It is not just a humbling experience for the person suffering from Alzheimer’s, but also for the people around that person. Sometimes, we may need to just smile and nod, and hope that if we are one day in a place similar to hers, someone will be kind enough to nod to us. 

And…that is my two cents for today! Have you had any experience with someone suffering from Alzheimer’s? Have a Happy Sunday!