And this is how it happened…

And, here goes a typical day in my life. I was cleaning up the kitchen island and decided to finally relocate the bag of epsom salt to the bathroom (it had taken up residence there.) I went into the bathroom and realized that I needed a stool to climb on (the physical therapist would have a stroke. That is why I am in PT. I fell off a step stool.) I went to the garage and got the step stool. While I was rearranging a shelf in the linen closet to make room for the epsom salt I spotted a container and had a grand revelation – it was the perfect container for the problem area in my office for which I have been struggling to find a solution. 

So, I abandoned the linen closet and went to my office. I had an identical storage container in my office closet and commenced with organizing some things in my carts. By combining some like items I freed up a gazillion other smaller containers and I am confident that this system is perfect – until I have another epiphany and decide to organize again. That’s how my mind works. It automatically updates organizing systems I come up with much like the GPS updates.  Hubby calls it my “recompute” system. 

The linen closet has also been updated; all within the space of 45 minutes. I’m happy. Are you? The appropriate answer would be yes. Lol

3 thoughts on “And this is how it happened…

  1. Oh how I need to organize. I have decided to retire and will try to accomplish this. I need to be more organized for my Avon business which is run out of tote boxes – two under my dining room chairs – I have decided to clean out my china cabinet and use the shelves on the bottom for my business – as soon as I retire….I hope.

    1. That sounds like an excellent idea. First rule is do not purchase containers until you sort thru all of your product and determine the best way to store it. My sticker collection has grown and my storage was no longer working. That, and I love to organize!

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