Daily Journal – May 3

Three days! Yeah! I may just make my goal of 31 days!
Today was a stormy day filled with loads of lightening and thunder and pouring down rain. Yep. That would be stormy. I had physical therapy this morning. I went from being early to being late in a matter of seconds. I raised the garage door up and in flew Calypso. She is deathly afraid of thunder and was seaking shelter from the coming storm. Even the temptation of cookies didn’t work. I eventually closed the door and drug her out of the door. It breaks my heart when I have to do that but I was leaving. She headed off to her house and was still there when I returned home. 

The weather isn’t over yet. I have to admit I love the isolation that storms bring. As an introvert I can cocoon in my little space and lose myself in the rumblings. It is actually comforting and today was a good day for it. With the beginning of the month (and the end) there are accounts to be settled and reports to be run and I found the isolation was just what I needed to soothe the anxiety. 
I am also finding that the journaling brings about peace and I am enjoying the process. I’m a beginner but it is fun to unearth all of the crafting supplies I’ve forgotten about and use them in my little book. I printed the wrong list so I had to do a little extra work today to catch up on my faith list. 

I would love to hear what some of you do with your journaling. Or, do you Journal?
Thanks for visiting. See you tomorrow!