Daily Journal – May 2

Day two. Only 29 more to go. Somehow it doesn’t feel like an accomplishment yet. 

Today I am just trying to make it through the day without sticking my head into the freezer. This is day three with a headache on my the right side of my face. I am scheduled for an MRI of my brain on Monday. Hopefully it will answer the question of why. 

Three weeks ago the nerve going to the upper part of my face began hurting. Just the lightest touch sent out a painful shock to my face. My doctor explained (after poking and prodding – wasn’t fun) that there is a nerve from the brain that goes through the scull and divides into three nerves, each nerve feeding a part of the face – bottom, middle, and top – and it possible for the nerve to kink. If that is what it is, hopefully it will straighten out on its own. There is also medication for the pain. But, if you are me, you don’t see how masking the pain is going to make it better so you refuse medication and suffer. 

I spent Today trying to catch up on things that didn’t get done yesterday because I had an appointment with an ortho doctor about my hand. Why is it doctor’s faces light up when they see my hands? You would think I was a science experiment. I have osteoarthritis in my finger joints and erosive arthritis in my forefinger joint. 

The nurse was pointing out my allergy to iodine and remarked that the doctor uses it at the injection site. I simply told her that wasn’t going to be a problem. I wasn’t there for a shot. Obviously (by the look on her face) I must be the only person who ever said no. Long story short, well there is no short story. 

The doctor said he could cut my fingers open and scrap the nodules which he referred to as bone spurs, off and then fuse my joints. Then, he could do a joint replacement – like a hip replacement only in the hand. I was thinking that wasn’t my stupid face, it was my “not in this lifetime face” and I know what a joint replacement is. Can you imagine how painful that must be? I scrap my fingers all the time and it hurts. I cannot imagine the pain of someone cutting them open and scraping bone. And did I mention they do not put you to sleep. You get to watch! I don’t think so and if I did, there aren’t head phones available to block out talking about what is happening. 

I came down off the ledge and then talked him down. Geez! Let’s start off slow – as in physical therapy perhaps. So, that is where that stands. As soon as I can complete therapy on my SI joint, I’ll deal with my hand. 

I completed my daily prompt. After I think about it for awhile I’ll probably write some more. I am also reading a book, Beginnings in Spiritual Life, for my Dominican lesson. It is quite the eye opener. 

That’s it for today. Hope to see you tomorrow!