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Author Frank Daidone’s memoir Life’s Equation is introspective and vulnerable, inspires people from all walks of life to reach their full potential

Trying to make sense of your purpose in life can be an overwhelming task. But what if you were handed an impactful, potentially transformational book that was easy to read and guided you to the answer we’ve all asked ourselves: “What’s my purpose?”

Life’s Equation is an easy read with a rewarding, powerful message. Frank Daidone’s memoir provides readers with a formula to discover their true purpose through uniquely explaining and defining life’s energy and how that energy directly affects one’s actions, reactions, and fundamental existence. “I hope readers gain an understanding that while we are all unique in our own way,” said Daidone, “There really is a common energy in all of us.”

Written in the style of a memoir telling an introspective story of vulnerable, heartbreaking, humorous and very relevant life lessons, Life’s Equation invites the reader in for a personal look at the author’s unique experiences and relationships he has shared with people he’s met along the way that offered great influence in his life. Originally based on a paper titled ‘Understanding is the Energy which Constitutes Life”, Life’s Equation was written for anyone seeking inspiration, ultimate fulfillment, and individual growth.

And the message is one that has impacted many. “I’ve had people both young and old thank me in very emotional manners for writing the book and have expressed to me how much the message impacted them personally and often times helped with healing.”

Dedicated to Daidone’s late brother Anthony who lived with Cerebral Palsy until his passing at the age of 17, Daidone has dedicated a portion of book sales to support United Cerebral Palsy.

Meet Frank Daidone
Author, Speaker and Business Leader

Daidone is a dynamic author, business leader and speaker. His heartening talks to audiences of all backgrounds and interests provide invaluable insight on his own experience to help to inspire others. His greatest passion lies within creating a strong foundation for exploring our strengths and passions. Strongly aligned with his mission to create a strong foundation for our future by helping children explore their strengths and passions through leveraging today’s workforce by bridging many gaps, he supports various nonprofits including Big Brother’s Big Sisters, Tennyson Center for Children, Nurse-Family Partnership and Colorado Technology Association. When Frank isn’t out sharing his perspective on the world, his biggest accomplishment is being a proud father to his two daughters. With them and his wife, Frank enjoys traveling and exploring, whether that’s around the world or right at home in Denver.

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Life’s Equation is an extension of this mission.

Frank is best known for bringing large organizations together, as well as transforming the mundane into something substantive and meaningful. After eight years with Chipotle, Frank left his private sector post to accept an appointment from Denver’s Mayor Michael Hancock. He served as Chief Information Officer for the City and county of Denver and during his governmental tenure, Frank transformed the culture of a public sector organization by running it like a cutting edge start up; empowering the people within to rise to their greatest potential.

Outside of his professional career, Frank devotes much of his time to nonprofit organizations. He has mentored a thirteen-year-old boy from the age of seven through Big Brother’s Big Sisters, supports the Tennyson Center for Children through their mission of supporting at-risk children, and serves as Chief Operations Officer for Nurse-Family Partnership to support the long-term success for first-time moms in poverty, their babies and society. He also is the Executive Chair of the education committee for Colorado Technology Association where he formed two mentorship program through Denver and Aurora Public Schools so that high school students may explore opportunities and interests as they begin their college and career search.

When Frank isn’t out sharing his perspective on the world, his biggest accomplishment is being a proud father to his two daughters. With them and his wife, Frank enjoys traveling and exploring, whether that’s around the world or right at home in Denver.

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Praise for Life’s Equation

“Life’s Equation isn’t just a book, it’s a journey of introspective personal growth – abundantly insightful and encouraging. This book is for anyone seeking to redefine their life and uncover a more positive purpose. In the end, readers will see how all of life’s experiences are a living energy, providing a deeper understanding of our own existence. Brilliantly weaved through Frank’s own life experiences, Life’s Equation is an inspirational read for anyone seeing to better their life altogether.” – Mark Whistler

“I know Frank from the corporate world, where he is a transformational leader with tremendous vision and drive. I was curious how those attributes would extend to Frank as the author of a book. What I found was a story that pulled me in and made me reflect on my own life story, as well as process a version very different from my own. It was a book I couldn’t put down and recognized how the ebbs and flow of one’s life were the building blocks of a great story with an even better outcome! I continue to process Life’s Equation well after completing the book.” Scott S. Cardenas, Chief Information Officer, City and County of Denver

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