Holiday Hop with LOADS of giveaways! Hosted by Aurora Publicity


It’s the holiday season and everyone loves winning free prizes! This is a wonderful hop with plenty of chances to win those prizes. Enjoy as you follow along!

Hi friends! I’m so thrilled you’ve stopped by my blog today. I’m giving away an Amazon gift card and an ebook, Unexpected Prisoner: Memoir of a Vietnam POW,  to one lucky winner on My Life. One Story at a Time.’s Facebook page! All you have to do to enter to win my prize is LIKE my page (and leave a comment with your email). My prize is available during each day of the hop!

So now that you’ve entered to win my holiday treat, comment below with your email and your favorite holiday tradition. My favorite tradition is hosting a Cookie Exchange for the last ten years. It has become a wonderful tradition as we begin the Christmas season.

Thanks again for visiting My Life. One Story at a Time., and if you’re new to the Holiday Book Hop you can start over on the event page and hop to all of the 100+ authors, bloggers, and book pages giving out prizes. Happy Holidays!


Monday, Dec. 12th

Melissa Amster –

Brooke Bumgardner –

Eliza Knight –

Collette Cameron –

Victoria Pinder –

J.D.R. Hawkins –

Farah Oomerbhoy –

NJ Damschroder –

Jenn Hype –

Sarah Nicholson –

Alexandrea Weis –
Patricia Green –

Connie Lansberg –

Amanda Roberts –

Leigh Anderson –

Katie L. Carroll –

Gary Schwartz –

Tuesday, Dec. 13th

Amazeballs Book Addicts –

Jayne Frost –

C. Streetlights –

Cait Reynolds –

Jennifer Shirk –

Stephanie Hildreth –

Avelyn Paige –

Rachel Thompson –

Torrie Robles –

Ashlee Taylor –

Sarah J. Pepper –

Andra Watkins –!/andrawatkinsauthor/?ref=bookmarks

Bookjunkie Mom –

Nikki Lynn Barrett –

Tawdra Kandle –

Torie James –

Pembroke Sinclair –

Wednesday, Dec. 14th

Donna Wolz –

Alex E. Carey –

J.A. Kerr –

Piken Sander –

Aleya Michelle –

Cora Kenborn –

Olivia Hardin –

Victoria Cabot –

Juliana Conners –

Alex E. Carrey –

Mary Frame –

Donna McBroom-Theriot –

Jennifer Snow –

Roxanne Snopek –

Kelly Wilson –

Debbie De Louise –

Cassandra Piat –

Thursday, Dec. 15th

Samantha Joyce –

Raine Weaver –

Amber Garr –

Lucky 13 Book Reviews and News –

Anna Blake –

CJ Warrant –

R M Simone –

R.L. Weeks –

Stephanie Phillips – Http://

Jen McLaughlin –

Uzo –

Laura Chapman –

Amanda Mariel –

Katlyn Duncan –

Hilary Grossman –

Tina Donahue –

Dawn Brower –

Friday, Dec. 16th

Anna Markland –

Elizabeth Rose –

Mika Jolie –

Emma Prince –

Simon French –

Robin Leigh Anderson –

Decadent Kane –

Jeanne Mackin –

Booklover Sue –

Lisa Jung –

Richelle Robinson –

Red Sage Publishing –

Katherine McIntyre –

Nicole Zoltack –

Lynn Winchester –

Tammy Andresen –

Saturday, Dec. 17th

Lauren Jones –

Nicole Smith –

Sylvie Stewart –

Genevieve Raas

Hannah Stahlhut –

Hayley’s Reviews –

Colleen Charles –

SJ Pierce –

A.M. Willard –

Nicola Marsh –

Gina Wynn –

Tess Rider –

Kathleen Rovner –

Charly Anderson –

Valerie –

Jesse Teller –

Aurora Publicity –

Sunday, Dec. 18th

Dawn Brazil –

Tibby Armstrong –

Kathy Dinisi –

Eva Devon –

Kathryn LeVeque –

Meara Platt –

Barbara Devlin –

Julie Johnstone –

Alpha Book Club –

Autumn Sand –

A.L. Vincent –

Tabetha Waite –

Lynne Barron –

Layna Pimentel –

Maggie Dallen –

Shelli Rosewarne –

CBY Book Club –

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