Sometimes it takes a woman to do a man's job…

On another note, you just never know what skills you will need when out running errands. I had to stop at Lowes today to pick up some supplies for the house Hubby is building. One of the items was forty 2x2x8’s. The loading guys loaded the wood, but not tie it down.

It is amazing how Lowes hires people who try to get out of working, as in energy level 0! I guess I should have been paying better attention to the knots that Hubby uses when he ties down wood because I sure needed that knowledge today! I usually sneak off and put the a/c on in the truck while he does the dirty work. Oh, but payback is not nice.

Did I mention I also had an audience? Yes, an audience of men waiting to take my spot in front of the door. None of them offered to help. I will probably at some point be paid back, but I made them wait while I stood there and contemplated my strategy. I walked back and forth and looked under the tailgate at the hitch. Then, I wandered over to the string and cut a few very long pieces. I meandered back to my truck and proceeded to wrap and tie and twist that string (while praying) a million different ways in the hope that the wood would make the forty mile trip back home. You know, you can’t rush perfection. I must have done an okay job because it’s still there, in the truck, in the driveway, waiting for Hubby to get home. I’m grounded until the wood is unloaded.

I just realized that I hadn’t posted this adventure and there is an update. I’ve already said that the wood made it all the way home with me. What I have to add is that Hubby and his cousin were going to unload all of the wood quickly – or so they thought. They began trying to untie the knots and in general figure out just what I had done to secure the wood. They finally looked at each other and pulled out their knives! Moral of the story? That’s easy. Next time you need something secured, ask a woman to tie it down!


2 thoughts on “Sometimes it takes a woman to do a man's job…

    1. Just part of the story, but I am old school. A lady should not have to ask a man to help. My husband is very much the gentleman and takes care of such things. So many courtesies have been lost on this generation.

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