Seems like a duplication! And a little Stash…

For those of you wishing to enter into the giveaway that went live today, you’ll see I posted twice! Those things happen sometimes. I’ve deleted the old post, which did not have the rafflecopter. There are good prizes so I hope you’ll take the time to hop around and enter!

Meanwhile, I found this new site called stash. I really want to try it, but there seems to be a waiting list. Ummmm. Not so good for the impatient type such as me. However! If 10 people click on the link and visit to see what it is all about, I can get in sooner. So, guess what? I’m posting the link. I know. How sad of me. lol It’s just that I love reading things and storing them for later access. I’m a Premium Evernote user for goodness sake! I love that app. And I must say, my filing drawer is stuffed to the gills with my “savings.” I also use Pocket for saving articles, kind of spreading the wealth around, but Stash actually categorizes the things you save. So here is the app if you want to click through and watch the little video. I promise that it is painless and only lasts a couple of seconds. Thanks!! –

Stash link –