The Ethics of Judge Nadeau by Nancy Madore – Review


     Referencing actual exhibits, orders and depositions in real court cases, The Ethics of Judge Nadeau provides a bird’s eye view into the rationale behind behavior so incredible it will take your breath away. This candid and humorous account of Robert Nadeau’s antics (in and out of the courtroom) is as entertaining as it is shocking.

     The book was inspired by the belief that there are some things a lawyer should never do (especially if he is a judge) because they are either unethical, illegal, or just plain wrong.  Here are ten of the most obvious: 

  • A lawyer should not sleep with his client.
  • A lawyer should not disclose information his clients tell him in confidence.
  • A lawyer should not use what his clients tell him in confidence against them.
  • A lawyer should not secretly advise the opponents in his former client’s cases.
  • A lawyer should not stalk, slander or terrorize former clients.
  • In the course of stalking, slandering and terrorizing his former clients, a lawyer should not engage in the illegal dissemination of unauthorized recordings.
  • A lawyer should not offer money to a person who is testifying against him.
  • A lawyer should not make two–or even three–opposing statements under oath.  
  • A lawyer should not use client funds to pay his law firm’s operating expenses.
  • A lawyer should not enter his personal psych file as an exhibit without reading it first.

     Not only has Robert Nadeau done all of these things, but he actually tries to defend them in his various emails, pleadings and depositions. Worst of all, the judicial system has supported him every step of the way!

Author  Nancy Madore achieved enormous critical acclaim with her ‘Enchanted’ series with Harlequin, which includes ENCHANTED, ENCHANTED AGAIN and ENCHANTED DREAMS.

In her exciting new ‘Legacy of the Watchers’ series, Madore incorporates her love of ancient history and mythology into a modern day mystery that connects the dots from the past to the present—and reveals an explosive future. There are three installments in this speculative fiction series so far: THE HIDDEN ONES, POWER OF GODS and MASQUERADE. Madore is currently working on THE FOURTH TRUMPET.

THE ETHICS OF JUDGE NADEAU represents a diversion for Madore that was brought about by true life events. In her first work of non-fiction, Madore unravels a drama that is much stranger than fiction. This true life account of sex, betrayal, and corruption within our legal system is sure to shock, provoke and amuse.

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From the Author – 

What would you do if your divorce lawyer told you he was in love with you?

What if you fell for him, only to discover that all your marital assets were gone by the time he dumped you a few months later?

This happened to my friend Maryann, who’s former divorce lawyer is also a part-time judge.

In addition to ruining my friend’s case, this lawyer violated her attorney-client privilege (countless times), offered to help the other side of her case, stalked and harassed her for over a decade and then wrote the following about a woman who reminded him of her:

“Two weeks ago I presided over a child custody trial in which the mother reminded me of [Maryann], left the father for a series of extracurricular relationships, causing him to become alcoholic … I ultimately told the mother, to her face, that I felt that she was dishonest, manipulative, loose and in need of parenting courses … and I denied custody to her, even though she, like [Maryann], does love her kids and is otherwise a good mother to her children.The parallels in my mind were incredibly striking in that case. The mother even looked a bit like [Maryann], and the father looked a lot like [Maryann’s] ex-husband. I will never understand why things did not work out between [Maryann] and me.”

And that’s just the beginning.

My Review –

Right off the bat, I have to say that this book is amazing and it is difficult to believe the story is true, but sadly, it is. It is a very candid writing of how unjust, injustice can be. There are many excellent lawyers practicing law, but unless you happen upon the one who is just plain crazy, you will never understand the true workings of the justice system and how it can be worked by someone who knows that system, to demoralize and leave a person feeling completely unprotected.

No person should be able to harass another as Judge Nadeau has been allowed to and not suffer consequences.

The Ethics of Judge Nadeau is written with humor. I am truly surprised that the women in the story have survived with their sanity intact.  I am also disappointed that with so much evidence again Judge Nadeau, his peers have chosen to either look the other way or just ignore his antics rather than give him his just due. Judge Nadeau should have had his law license taken away from him, yet not only does he continue to practice law on unsuspecting victims, he continues to run for public office. The book also shows many decisions that reflect

The book also shows many decisions that reflect bad judgment on the victim’s part. Having had a relationship with a manipulative man, I do understand the head games being played and the difficulty in making sound decisions, however, I still feel better decisions could have been made.

I will recommend the book even though I feel the book was more of a tell-tell discussion; simply because the story should be told. I truly have a hard time describing this book. I’ve never read anything quite like it. The book is written with a humor I have trouble understanding. I guess it is true that sometimes you just have to laugh to stay sane. I do hope Judge Nadeau will get his “justice” some day.

And in the end – (from the author)


All of Judge Nadeau’s claims against me and my book were thrown out of court- “with prejudice,” which means Judge Nadeau can never again challenge what I wrote about his behavior (some of which you or I would go to jail for).

Since Judge Nadeau can no longer deny the horrible things he’s done as a lawyer (and a judge), he’s now on a smear campaign to malign the character of the person who exposed him (me). He’s doing it anonymously, of course. I guess the idea is that he won’t look so bad if he can make me look bad too. This is a sacrifice I knew I would have to make, and I’m happy to make it if it will help bring about an end to the corruption in York, Maine.

Meanwhile… this judge is running for re-election, and local media still won’t cover this story. What’s up New England?

A special thanks goes out to Attorney Scott Gleason of Haverhill, Massachusetts, for the best damn legal advice a girl could hope for!

Res judicata Baby!


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