Recap of the last two weeks – time I'll never get back…

Ever feel that way? After the last week and a half, I feel that I should be besties with the Geek Squad. It feels as though they have spent more time on my computer than I have. Between physical therapy appointments and loads of doing nothing but pain management, I can literally say and mean, “I don’t know what has been done, what needs to be done, and what had better get done – NOW.”

A virus was either attacking or trying to attack or being prevented from attacking. At this point I no longer know, but my computer sounded an alarm that I could not shut down and Google Chrome was frozen. I wasn’t sure what to do and then I thought – let me try Safari! I was able to make contact with Geek Squad (let me mention that it is the BEST money I’ve ever spent) through Safari and they fixed the problem – or so we thought.

Two days went by and I had finally gotten my thoughts together and it happened again. Every time I clicked on a link, no matter where I was, it opened up another link. It was very frustrating, to say the least. Then the page froze and the alarm sounded. I again was able to contact them using Safari. Each session took hours away from my productivity. While you wait, you can still use the computer but most of my stuff is sensitive – in my opinion – and I didn’t want to have to shut down the bank or Quickbooks, etc. when it was my turn.

I am in physical therapy due to injuring my SI. Anyone know what that is? I guess I’ll explain it. In women, between the hip bones there lies a triangle. If I remember correctly there are two bones that fit close, but not perfect. They move to allow childbirth and then normally move back into their imperfect position. I am not too graceful. In other words, I fall a lot – off ladders, miss steps, etc. My friends don’t call me “Lucy” for nothing. The last time I fell was in November. I’m not sure if I wrote about it or not.

I was on a step-ladder putting something away in the laundry room (which is located in the garage.) My dryer is raised and I couldn’t quite reach where it belonged. Then, the light bulb moment, I remembered climbing on the washer to reach the item. I think it was a tablecloth. So, I started to climb back down and my foot didn’t quite clear the washer. In a split second, I remember thinking I can’t fall – the steps are behind me and if I hit my back or head, it won’t be good. Somehow, I managed to spin the ladder where I fell against the washer. Turns out there was a cardboard box sitting there and I came down pretty hard on the corner of it.

Long story short, the box didn’t give and the corner caused a bruise that almost completely covered my big ‘ole butt cheek. I couldn’t sit comfortably for quite a while and everyone kept telling me to call my doctor because of my blood disorders. I never did (and she fussed me a couple of months later for not calling). The bruise finally healed but I could not lie comfortably in bed on my back. It felt like I had two knots – one on each side. I did have a doctor appointment in January (I fell in October – I think) and she said that I still had inside bruising.

About another month passed and I was feeling okay and I began a walking regimen. I was doing okay for a couple of months and then (I will call it my back) my back began bothering me. Hubby was already in physical therapy for pinching a nerve so I put off going for a few more weeks. Then one day I had to admit I needed to start. I was hoping it would heal on its own. This type of injury was not cooperating.

I went to PT for a couple of weeks and finally had a pain free day. Didn’t last long because I ended up having to take a stand-up meeting that night and by the time I was headed home, I knew that I had overdone it. I should have told the person, we can have this meeting, but we need to sit. Then, hubby has been working so hard the last couple of weeks getting the boat ready for the 4th of July that I didn’t say no to wiping down the walls when I should have. I am paying for it now. All the hours of physical therapy down the drain! I am back to doing nothing – no walking except when necessary, only standing until I feel pain, etc. I am not a happy camper but I did it to myself.

The upside is the inside of the boat is about complete. The bulk of the varnishing was completed in time for us to take our maiden voyage on the Merci (Mer cee). We put out our American flags and took a trip out to the lake where we anchored out and enjoyed a wonderful breeze while we lunched on boiled seafood that we brought with us. We are so hooked on our boat now! Hubby went right back to finishing the varnishing yesterday and now he’s learning about the water system and sewage plant. I ordered all the window shades and new cushions and pillows for the inside. There is a white sofa of all things inside so I ordered a blue sofa cover for it. The wood flooring is complete.

We can truly see an end in sight and the sea is calling. We did have a mishap. While we were cleaning the inside and wiping down the walls, we ran the air conditioner. Little did we know there was a giant mud dauber nest inside of the outside compressor. So, this thing that is called a squirrel cage, which looks like a hampster wheel, broke. The air conditioner began making this horrid noise and the next thing we knew we were ducking from flying debris! Never a dull moment!

Here are a few of the pictures I took on July 4th. The trip began just off our wharf on Bayou Lafourche. I love the flag flying in the breeze. There is something American about it. There are a few shots of sights along the bayou, things we see daily but others never do. You’ll see a picture of what I refer to as an old pirate ship. I would love to have the money to refurbish that boat. It could really be something else, but as it goes, it will probably meet its watery grave just where it is.

From the bayou, we headed into the Intracoastal Waterway. You can see the bridge that crosses over and then one of the Edison Chouest Offshore shipbuilding facilities – North American Shipyard in Larose, Louisiana. We traveled the Intracoastal for close to ten miles if I remember correctly and then into Lake Salvador where we anchored out for the afternoon.

On the trip back we passed just under the bow of one of the Chouest boats as we met a tug pushing barges.