Never had a dream come true by Jennifer Wenn – Review

Lady Penelope de Vere has been in love with Rake for as long as she can remember, daydreaming over him constantly. But as her debut in the ton comes closer, she decides to finally let go of her silly childhood dream and accept someone else’s wish to court her, someone who appreciates a quiet, book-filled life as she does. She wants marriage and, despite all the hints she throws his way, Rake only wants a mistress…she thinks.

Lord Richard Darling has known Penny since she was a child and not once thought of her as anything but his niece’s best friend and a very convenient scone-fetcher. That is, not until he happens upon her swimming in the lake at Chester Park dressed only in her thin chemise. A most eligible bachelor with a libertine reputation, he suddenly finds the girl he’s always appreciated has turned into a woman he could love forever. So why won’t she accept his proposal?

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Jennifer Wenn has been a great lover of romantic books since she read her first historical romance at a tender age. When not enjoying life with her husband and their four children, she spends every last precious minute writing.

My not so official bio is that I’m a proud mother of four monsters, living on the west coast of Sweden in a house that has been constantly enlarged during the last couple of years by my poor husband. I work as a financial manager at our local Community College and spend all my free time with my family, and late at night, when the kids are asleep, I write. Oh, and I have a cat that thinks he rules us all (embarrassingly enough that’s true), an aquarium with fishes and soon two rabbits.

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Never Had a Dream Come True is a wonderful historical romance. It has a sweet young girl and a devilishly handsome rake and you just know their worlds are going to collide in a wild way.

I love historical romances and this was a fun read. I am looking forward to reading all of the books in this set. The writing is outstanding and the story had romance and humor. It definitely deserves a five-star rating.

“All I wanted was to be alone with her during the first months of our marriage, so we could have time to adjust to our new life together and get to know each other, body and soul. But Penny, my lovely little dove, missed the part of me hiding in a house with her as her husband and thought I was telling her I wanted to put her in a house as my mistress.” “What?” Hannibal booted with laughter. His large shoulders shook so much his wavy white hair bounced upon his head. “That’s hilarious. My God, how I would like to have heard that conversation. You-my wicked libertine son-giving up your bachelor lifestyle for this slip of a girl, while she accuses you of wanting to turn her into your mistress. Truly hilarious.”

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