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Colored girl, Louise has just been asked by her younger sister, Honey to help secretly bury not the first, or second, but a third body. After chastising her yet again, they bury Bo in the same cotton field as the other two. In hopes of escaping her past, Honey leaves Preston and moves to Columbus, Georgia. She takes up residence in a quirky, yet humorous community called The Quarters. Church members, a prominent white couple, moonshiners, morticians, and a crossdresser are just a few that layer this community. Along with Pearline, the articulate, well-read, yet sometimes annoying adolescent. Scheming land deeds from unsuspecting churches, has worked well for con artist

Along with Pearline, the articulate, well-read, yet sometimes annoying adolescent. Scheming land deeds from unsuspecting churches, has worked well for con artist Simee Scott. With his good looks, along with his charm, he’s been quite successful with his criminal career of finagling someone out of something. After high-tailing it out of Atlanta, running from another con, he arrives in The Quarters. As he wedges himself in with the town folk, he cleverly devises a scheme to manipulate a valuable land deed from the church. When Simee bumps into Honey, he’s taken immediately by her beauty and feistiness.

Determined to bed her, he courts her unlike any before. She discretely desires and accommodates him. That is, until the day she’s greeted with his dark, frightening and deadly side. In his attempt to force her to leave town with him, he reignites an old habit Honey has worked very hard to break.

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The Author – I’m Marichele Bell. I know, you’re thinking Marichele Bell? Yep, that’s a real name and it belongs to me. Prior to getting married, I was Marichele Scrutchins. But you can call me Mari, everyone else does. I’m a sales manager by day and a writer by night. If you consider funeral announcements, editing friends and family’s writing assignments, and cleaning up resumes writing, then I’m your girl. Seriously, from the age of maybe 11, I can remember being told by someone “you can write”. The compliments came from a variety of reputable sources, starting with my Mom. Who’s more reputable than her. That’s a rhetorical question. Over time, others, i.e. professors, employers, friends, and more family would on occasion make the same comment. One of my first memories is from my fifth-grade teacher Mrs. Moey. I remember her quite well. She was tall, wore cat glasses, had black girl hips (like me), and very tall stiff blond hair, straight up and down. The kind of hair that dared not to move or it just might have toppled her over. I do believe she kept cans of Aqua Net on standby. Any hoo, one of our class assignments was to write a short story. I chose purple bubble gum as my subject. I can’t remember whether it was Bubble Yum, Bubblicious, or Double Bubble, but it was bubble gum and it was purple. That simple short story drew laughs from her and my fellow 11-year-old comrades. I remember being surprised by their reaction and laughter. It was only a few paragraphs, but hey, who am I to dismiss my super hero comical talents. From there, I received more compliments by others; I just never took them that seriously. Flash forward years later, I sat down with my Mom and my Aunt and listened while they shared memories of their childhood. I couldn’t believe some, well, most of the stuff I was hearing. The community they grew up in held secrets, shame, and humor, so much humor. I was captivated. They were beyond entertaining. I couldn’t stop asking questions, but more importantly, I couldn’t stop laughing. Thankfully, those two planted the seed for The Quarters. Here it is over 20 years later and finally I was compelled to write this book. It’s in memory of my Grandmomma, Mrs. Louise Scott who was one of the funniest ladies I’ve ever known. It is also a tribute to my Mom, Pearline Scrutchins. She is not only hilarious in her own right, but smart, loving, and just a wonderful mother. I surely can’t leave out my aunts and uncles. Some of the funnies in The Quarters, came directly from them. And finally the real people of the Quarters. Most of them have passed away now, but they left such a rich impression on me. My hopes are that this book will carry their humor, kindness, and love for generations.

Oh, I’m married, with two girls, one mortgage, and no pets.

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