Makin’ Cracker Puddin'……


I gave in not so long ago to my husband’s begging and whining and made a pot of Bouee’. Even spell check couldn’t help me with that one, which means unless you’re from Cajun country, you’ll need help as well.

Bouee’ (boo eeeeeee! Like Minnie Pearl) is a sweet vanilla custard that you MUST stand at the stove and STIR constantly until it thickens (see why he had to beg?) Cracker Puddin’, as my sweet husband calls it, is Bouee’ with saltine crackers in it (I advise you NOT to try this at home.) And, once again, he and I will have that same conversation that seems to happen quite frequently in our house when North meets South, Prissy meets Cajun, (remember the rice and cornbread?) “You sure know how to ruin a bowl of Bouee’ “(by adding saltines.) “You sure know how to ruin a bowl of Bouee’” (by adding, in my standard, the much more acceptable Nilla wafer.)

I would definitely say that the effort was well worth it. When he came in and I presented it to him with all the flair I could muster – after all, I had been sweating over the stove for goodness knows how long, trying to NOT raise the heat to shorten the cooking time – the look on his face was priceless. He looked like a little boy who had just been given a dog! It was a good thing that his fingernails were short or I would have scratches on my hands that would still be bleeding profusely. Even as excited as he was, spoon in hand (a serving spoon I might add – he meant business), being the kind soul that he is, he took the time to dish a little out to share with his son who was coming over later, before devouring the remainder.

For all the time that it took me to make that silly custard, he finished it off in three minutes. I’m still wondering if he even tasted it; and, being the person he is, he asked for more. Thank goodness, I had hidden mine! Ha, Ha!

So after looking at his forlorn face for the last three days, while I was making cupcakes for book club, I stood at the stove and stirred and stirred and stirred on a medium flame (resisted the urge for the high flame) and made him another pot of Bouee’. I guess I’d better find the saltines because I think his nose just alerted him…….


First published June 29, 2010