Life on the Bayou

Sometimes when you live on the bayou and look out of your front door you never know what you may see. Hubby came in the back door hollering, “Come and see!” Opening up the door, this is what I saw – a HUGE offshore supply boat that dwarfed our boathouse and boat! I wasn’t dressed so the pictures were taken from inside of the screened-in porch. This boat was huge, possibly the largest I’ve seen on the bayou.

This is a bayou, not a large canal or river and the bayou is not that wide, so when a huge boat like this is floating by, it is really something to see. We were out riding in our boat yesterday and we were checking the depth of the bayou around our wharf. At this point, in the channel, the water is about 15-18 feet deep and you can see the waterline on this boat (red paint). It is not drawing very much water. A friend later told me her husband was driving the lead tugboat. I guess you tell we really get excited at the mundane things around here. Oh well…life on the bayou!







Our little houseboat is currently a construction zone. All of the carpet has been ripped out and the three levels are ready for flooring. The only problem is finding flooring. We took a trip to Lowes a couple of weeks back thinking we were going to buy the flooring. Every wood floor we chose was not in stock in the warehouse. I finally asked the man if the company was coming out with new flooring. After a bit, he finally admitted that the companies were selling out of all the old stock and would probably be restocking soon.

Getting information is like pulling teeth. I wish people would be upfront with information. Yes, I need flooring, but I am not going to purchase something I don’t like. Hopefully, the companies will release their new products (and I’m sure there will be an increase in the price) soon and we can get going on that project.

Meanwhile, there were a few little projects that we accomplished yesterday. I broke a stool (quite by accident) and we fixed the lights so they are all working inside of the cabin now. We decided that we didn’t want a microwave in the boat (we rarely use the one in the house) so we began removal of that. I say that because it was not an easy task. The previous owners had bolted shelf brackets to the side of the cabinet housing the refrigerator and then jammed the microwave on the shelf they attached to the brackets. As if that wasn’t secure enough, they then bolted the microwave  to the upper cabinet with a metal bracket. If it had a hole in it, they stuck a screw in it and proceeded to strip said screw. It was a mess! It took a while, but the microwave is now off of the boat.

The kitchen looks so much more open and bigger without the microwave! Also, it was hanging right above the stove which was not healthy. There is an electrical plug on the wall next to the stove that doesn’t make sense either so we are going to move it.

We had already installed one of the Bimini tops so we installed the second over the flying bridge and opened them up. We have sunshine in the forecast for the next few days so hopefully, it will work a minor miracle and begin cleaning the Bimini tops. We plan on pressure washing them soon, but just having them open and hanging about in the sun will help.

My organizing tip of the day is –

When you are scheduling an appointment in your paper calendar, schedule it in your phone’s calendar as well along with an alert. Alerts can be set up according to your response time. For example –  If I set the alert for an afternoon appointment, depending on the driving time, I set an alert for two hours before my meeting. That way I am able to gather my information and bring my mind into focus on the upcoming meeting.

Have a Happy Monday!