And the poop goes on……la dade de….

    The title was either that or Too much time on my hands, but either way, I bet it was the title that drew you in this morning!
     I was breaking eggs into a bowl earlier in the day – and if you follow my blog, you already know my thoughts have a tendency to wander – and the last conversation I had with my daughter just popped into my head.
     During her last visit, I was serving my infamous potato salad and I told my daughter that the potato salad had real eggs in it that day; and my bewildered daughter (I tend to have that effect on people-the bewildered part) asked, “And the others are fake as opposed to real?” That retort would have stopped anyone else in their tracks but not me; the absurdity of my comment never even registered on the Richter scale. There was no contact, no spark, no rumble, at all between the brain and mouth going on.
     Now, at this point, if you have ever been a fan of The Lucille Ball Show, you can picture Lucy having this conversation with Ethel in the all the glory of black and white film. “Now Ethel, you know that the eggs you buy in the store come from an egg factory.” and Ethel replying, “Now Lucy, that’s just ridiculous!” BUT, is it ridiculous?
     The picture that comes to my mind are hens lined up in neat, straight rows in a hen house waiting for the chime of the quarter hour that will signal to them to “lay;” and they all lay an egg. Chime. Lay. Chime. Lay (remember-black and white film.) Chime. Lay. Then those eggs roll down from the nest onto a conveyor belt, joining all of the other eggs and they all roll through the egg wash (farm eggs have been known to have poop on them! That is how you know the difference between a real egg and a farm egg.) The eggs continue their journey toward the waiting egg cartons, where they will then be whisked into storage before heading out to the stores where they become “fake eggs?” Thumbs up if you can follow my logic; INTJs are known for their logical thinking.

     Have you ever pondered the thought of why the yolk of a farm egg is so much richer and thicker looking than that of a store egg? Then, you have never had a fresh farm egg; a real egg. Is it because they are chicken poop gone right? Or wrong? Don’t tell me you never had that thought! I don’t know about you but I skipped Anatomy of a Chicken in college. I just know that there’s chicken poop on the eggs if you don’t clean them. Do you know where the eggs drop from? I only know what I saw on the cartoons and it looked pretty suspicious to me!
     You do realize that there is no ending to this……and the poop goes on……la dade …de…


First published June 26, 2010