My Daily Drama – It ain't fun being sick!

Getting sick, especially with a virus isn’t my idea of fun and this was no exception. I am lucky that I do not normally catch viruses, and I’m not at all sure it wasn’t food poisoning. I’m embarrassed to say what I think the food poisoning came from, but if I’m sharing that I had the dry heaves for over twenty-four hours, I might as well share the culprit.

As you know, I am a connoisseur of most things chocolate and that normally begins with chocolate milk at breakfast. What better way to choke down the daily meds than with chocolate milk, right? So, most mornings I drag out the milk and the Hershey’s Syrup and make chocolate milk. For some reason, the most recent bottle was about half full but wasn’t pouring. I did what I do when the bottle is empty and poured a little milk to mix it up. Then, I made my glass of chocolate milk.

hershey syrup

I thought it was odd that half the bottle wouldn’t pour out but really didn’t give it much thought. That is, until I had hours of the most painful stomach cramps I can ever remember – except for when I had a reaction to lobster in Boston, that was bad – and loads of time to contemplate whether I had a virus (always one going around, ever notice that?) or food poisoning. I think I’m leaning toward the food poisoning. I remembered my stomach bothering me for a few days before hand. I guess I’m a slow learner. I also can’t look at chocolate right now!

I guess I’m sharing because I wouldn’t want anyone else to get sick. This has never happened before, and believe me, I’ve gone through more than my share of Hershey Syrup! Just be cautious.

Today didn’t start off much better. It actually got worse as I now have an excruciating pain in my left shoulder and side from the way I finally passed out from exhaustion in my recliner. I literally cannot breathe. I can only take short breaths, otherwise the pain is intolerable. Let me be the first one to tell you that eventually the body decides it wants a huge breath of air and it grabs you and you can’t stop it. That being said, I actually did some screaming today. I wouldn’t normally admit that to anyone. I finally was at my wit’s end and decided after having not eaten since Wednesday night, to have ibuprofen for a snack, along with lots of praying my stomach wouldn’t rebel.

I finally have a little relief tonight. Meds plus a hot rice bag on my shoulder for most of the day have allowed me to almost feel human tonight. Human enough to realize that I am behind on a couple of book reviews and Etsy orders.

I really hope everyone else is having a better week than I am.

4 thoughts on “My Daily Drama – It ain't fun being sick!

  1. Do you feel better now? I never heard of Hershey syrup going bad. But don’t ever buy that soup base in the paper carton. And the painful breathing? You are scaring me. Hope all the nasties have left and you can enjoy your holidays!

  2. I’m not trying to sound crude, but I hope it was the chocolate and not something more serious. I wouldn’t take the painful breathing lightly. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

  3. Not a good time of year to get sick. I do hope you are feeling better. I can´t imagine chocolate being the culprit but you never know. Perhaps a visit to your GP is in order. Sending healing hugs. >3

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