My Daily Drama – Hey! It's Cold in here!

After the rough holiday called Thanksgiving, I’ve had a difficult time getting back into the swing of things – namely writing. But, I’m back.


Hey! It’s Cold in here! Our house is freezing – or rather it feels like it. The heater would not come on Thursday night. Our house is very well insulated so it takes a couple of days for the outside temperatures to register on the inside enough to warrant changes in the heat or cold being turned on or off.Winter Tree Owl

That point came Thursday evening when I was sitting at my computer and found myself shivering. It dawned on me that I just may need to put the heat on. We are not like most people in that we have the house ultra warm or cool depending on the outside temperatures; but it was cold.

i got up and put the heater on and sat back down. I don’t remember how long it was before I realized that I was getting colder, not warmer as I had hoped. Hubby’s band was practicing in the garage so I flagged him by flicking the lights a couple of times. I’m not sure if he likes it or not, but it never fails to get his attention. Also, it is a little funny to watch everyone when they think the power is going out. (Sorry, I have a weird sense of humor at times.)

Hubby also came to the foregone conclusion that we would not have heat that night. He spent most of Friday trying to figure out the problem. I spent most of Friday turning the unit on and off. I did warm up the kitchen by cooking soup and beans for the freezer, but all the stirring and chopping wreaked havoc on my arthritic hand. Factor in the cold and I spent all afternoon and most of the evening with a warm rice bag on my hand.

I was hoping to make bread yesterday, but the house was too cold for it to rise. When I posted to Facebook, I had a few interesting suggestions. The one that really made me laugh (and not at the person) was the suggestion that I put the bread to rise on a running dishwasher. Don’t see the humor? You will. I promise. I am the dishwasher so the comment had my imagination forming a picture of the dishwasher (me) running with the bread while it rose. Not a viable solution! Another suggestion was putting it on the hood of the car in the sun. We have a garage and the truck hood was colder than the house. Helpful suggestions are always interesting and I’ll just wait until the heat is back on to make bread.

Thank goodness for heated mattress covers! At least nighttime is warm and the only reason to go to the bathroom is to put the heat on for a while. Funny the sources of heat we will find when we are cold. And, what is it with men?! (and some women) Hubby got out of a warm bed to go duck hunting in the cold.

English: Taken by Dr. F Eugene Hester. Picture...

Duck hunting doesn’t mean just riding to a duck blind in car; it means riding for a mile or two in a boat in the cold and then sitting in a blind hoping for a duck to fly by. I went hunting once. Well, truth be told, I went and sat in the boat and watched Hubby stand there very quietly while mosquitoes sucked blood as he was watching for ducks – not fun. This was after riding down the bayou, under bridges, down the Intracoastal with tugs and barges to the lake and to a duck blind. And, if that wasn’t bad enough, I had to make the same trip back home.

That was the extent of my hunting days. Well, I’m off to heat up the rice bag again. My fingers are almost numb and the pain in my hand with erosive arthritis is getting bad. Thanks for stopping by to visit. I hope you leave a little message with how your week is going. And, if you’re curious, the repairman closed his office early on Friday! That means it will be cold until Monday!


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  1. Oh my. Don´t know how I missed this but I do not like being cold so this would have upset me. Still laughing at the picture of you running around with the bread dough trying to get it to rise!

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