My Daily Drama – It's all about the dogs!

I think the worst drama today is that it rained – ALL. DAY. LONG. That means I still have not gone for a ride on our boat!

Calypso and Ryka were up to their usual squirrel watching. I decided that I really need to find them a rubber squirrel to see what they would do if something actually fell out of the pecan tree next to them. The picture really doesn’t show how hard the rain is falling, yet there they were, diligent as always.

IMG_6095 IMG_6100 IMG_6101

You can see the rain in the bottom two photos. Ryka and Calypso love the rain, in fact the harder it rains, the more they run around and play. I don’t know why I feel so guilty when I give them cold water baths. I normally have Hubby set up the hose to the hot/cold faucet outside so I can give them a warm bath. I may need to rethink the guilt. Why is it they whine for a cold bath, yet they play in their pools in the winter and run through the ditches when it rains?

We are really loving our newly screened in front porch, especially on rainy days like today. With the louvers on either end, it is like an outdoor room with a swing.

I can’t end without mentioning the time change. What is your opinion on this constant thorn in our side? This is actually my favorite time. I can sleep late and still be up early! I never ever adjust when the “spring forward” rolls around. In my opinion, the time should be split and just leave it!

Hope your Sunday had some brightness to it!